YJH E-Newsletter

15-16 Volume 9

5th Grade Parent Orientation Meeting

Thursday, May 26th, 6-7:15pm

198 School Drive

Yale, MI

We will host an orientation meeting for parents of the class of 2023 on Thursday, May 26 at 6pm in the Junior High School's Media Center. This meeting's purpose is to assist in the transition process to the Jr. High School and is full of useful information to help ease any anxiety. We hope to see you here.


Congratulations to Kaitlyn Walter from Ms. Kotelman's ELA class for her 3rd place poetry entry from the St. Clair County Community Mental health "Connecting Mind & Body Through Recovery" Contest!

We are very proud of your accomplishment.

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Science Spotlight

7th Grade

Mrs. McDowell is leading the 7th grade students through the scientific process. It is amazing to see the students think their way through the problem and end with communicating their results!
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Health News

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Class of 2022

Parents of students needing updated immunization records for the 2016-17 school year will receive notification with their child's progress reports. The specific missing immunizations will be sent home with the student's 4th marking period progress report on pink paper. Only students without updated immunizations will receive this letter.

Award Ceremonies

8th Grade Award Ceremony

Monday, May 23rd, 6-7:15pm

198 School Drive

Yale, MI

Please look for the official invite below coming in the mail soon to the parents of those who will receive one of the following awards!
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Music Fundraiser

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Online Access

All students and parents have access to the online curriculum from Tom Thelen's Victimproof. Please follow the link above (hover over and click on the word Victimproof) to access the material.

Username: yaleschools

Password: victimproof

This access gives everyone access to the e-book Victimproof, powerful yet brief videos that coincide with the chapters in the book, and additional materials to facilitate discussion with your child.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity as we continue our partnership with you to educate your child academically, socially, and mentally.

Daily Announcements

We've added our daily announcements to our Facebook page. If you want to be informed of the information we are telling your child(ren), please like us. We also post other announcements here, including these newsletters.

Student Learning Opportunities

We want to inform you of some other student learning opportunities offered to Yale Jr. High School students. First, during our JAZ time (Tuesday and Thursday from 1:54 - 2:22pm), we will offer peer tutoring a few times per month. The students will be notified via announcements (these announcements are posted daily on Facebook) to which specific dates we will hold tutoring. We also offer our T.H.E. (Tutoring, Homework Help, Enrichment) program on Wednesdays from 2:30 - 3:30 pm in our media center. There will be a certified and highly qualified teacher supervising and both junior high school and high school honor society students tutoring students who want assistance. Finally, we purchased an online enrichment program called MobyMax. This program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in all core subject areas. Once enrolled, the student will take a brief placement test in MobyMax in the subject area. Once complete, the student will be given assignments and enrichment activities at their identified level. The student can even earn game time that is built directly into MobyMax! Students can access MobyMax at home, thus providing an additional learning opportunity without interfering with their elective class.

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