The Main Things

An MSD Staff Communication that Cuts out the Clutter!

October 25th, 2021

Vaccine Update, Keeping Students Safe at Events and We Love Our Principals are the Main Things.

Main Thing 1: Vaccine Mandate Update

More than 97% of staff in the Medford School District is in compliance with the state’s vaccine mandate. If you have an approved exception, please review this information, which includes details about testing kits. To help keep students and staff safe, until test kits arrive, those with exceptions must utilize additional reasonable safety steps such as wearing an N-95 mask, double masking, additional physical distancing or utilizing a test kit. (We ordered several hundred, please contact HR if you would like to explore this option).

Also, we are excited to welcome volunteers back to our schools. Volunteers will need to follow the same vaccine rules as staff, which requires a vaccination card or an exemption.

Main Thing 2: Keeping Students Safe at Events

The Black and Blue bowl is back this year! We are asking everyone to celebrate safely. We’ve had a few concerns about safety and for that reason, we have increased game monitors and supervision. We are asking families and staff to do their part by keeping an eye on any students/kids you bring with you. Click here for full details about game supervision for Friday’s game.

Main Thing 3: We Love Our Principals!

October is Principals Month and we want to thank all of our principals for holding students at the center and bringing our shared vision to life. We appreciate each and every one of you! Hear what students had to say about their principals, here.

Other Things:

How to Create an Account on Twitter

This week is our first segment of Twitter with Tisha. In this video, Tisha walks you through how to set up a professional Twitter account that can help you connect, learn and grow!

The next Main Thing will be released on Monday, November 8th.

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