Weekly Update - January 21, 2022

Strive Center for Autism

Professional Development Day - NO THERAPY

Friday, Jan. 28th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

Professional Development Day for staff; no therapy for children. Therapy will resume on Monday, January 31.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away, and we are planning a fun party for the kids! If you would like your child to give Valentines to his friends, you are welcome to bring them in before Valentine's Day and we will help him work on writing them out. If you don't send in Valentines, we always have some on hand that the children can practice with. We will provide boxes or bags for children to decorate to receive their Valentines.

For our party, we'll have some fun games and activities, and there's no need for parents to send in anything else.

Playing Outside

With the chilly weather, all of the kids need their warm coats, mittens or gloves, and boots if you have them, daily. We wear those to go back and forth to our motor room in both locations.

When the temperature feels above 20 degrees, we will make the effort to play outside as much as possible. If you're able to send snow pants, please do so. If not, we'll do our best to keep your child's pants dry or we'll change when we get inside. We only play outside for 15 minutes at the most, and of course, if your child is extremely wet or cold, we'll cut that short and warm him up.

We want to provide kids the opportunity to learn how to put on and take off their snow clothes independently, and we want to enjoy the outdoors whenever we can! If you have any concerns about your child playing outside, please reach out to your BCBA.

We will always send snow clothes home daily, unless you tell us otherwise.

Inclement Weather Closing

It hasn't happened yet this winter....but it's certain to come up soon! Remember that we will close if driving conditions in or around Brighton or Burton are particularly hazardous. We will not simply follow the local school district, so please wait for the message in Remind from Strive regarding closure.

If it is too dangerous for your family to drive into therapy, please call the attendance line. We understand that families drive from different distances and may have different conditions, so please make the judgement that's safest for your family.

Professional Development Day - NO THERAPY

Friday, Feb. 18th, 8am

Brighton and Burton

No therapy today - professional development day

President's Day - NO THERAPY TODAY

Monday, Feb. 21st, 8am

Brighton and Burton

No therapy today - both centers are CLOSED for President's Day