Amanda At Her Best

Amanda loves to dance and share flexibility with everyone

Dance Lessons

Amanda is dreaming of one day being a rockete at Rockefeller Center. She knows to start small by just want to be on the drill team at the closest high school. She is only in 6th grade and has big dreams, but for right now she is training 5 hours a week in five classes on three day. On Monday night she takes a drill team class that is great for her big dreams. On tuesday she starts with the basics of ballet. Thursday, she takes three classes in a row, including tap, turns and technique, and jazz/lyrical. She pours her heart and soul in to every class and never holds back. Attempting and failing is hard work, not attempting and not learning lazy- Amanda.
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Amanda's Flexibility

Everyday when Amanda goes to dance, she does some type of stretch or workout. Thanks to her wonderful teachers, she is now more flexible and limber than ever. In the video above, you can see how Amanda can do the left splits without any pain intended. Her teachers have told her multiple times how flexible her back is. At this point she is working on many ticks, but this is one of her favorite.......
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Recital Dances

Amanda is constantly going over all three of the dances she has to remember. Unfortunately, she only gets to do two at the recital because her tap class has so few people. She does get to do ballet and jazz at the recital and is very excited about it. Her ballet dance is the white swan, her tap dance is a doll that comes to life, and her jazz class's theme is do your thang!