The Mauryan Empire

By Gabrielle and Andres

The Start - the end

It started in 325 BCE with Chandra Gupta maurya - 185 with brihadratha.

Advanced cities

The main capital of the mauryan empire was called Pataliputra but they also had provinces which are like capitals that are just important to a certain region.

1. Tosali was the capital of the eastern province

2. Ujjain in the west

3. Savarn in the south

4. Taxila in the north

System of writing

The mauryans used the Sanskrit writing is one of the 22 lanquages of India and it is still around today. ( official lanquages of the state of Uttarakhand.)


they seem to have developed techniques to make iron stong and long lasting and smelted and made swords and other weapons.
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Social Structure

The new Mauryan Empire was rigidly organized. It was comprised of four general regions headed by one viceroy, broken into smaller provinces led by a governor and then into districts and finally villages. Each domain was to report to the assigned ruler, who ultimately reported to Candra Gupta.