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Pokemon 2015 Movie

The new pokemon movie is set for 2015 and will be airing on Cartoon Newtwork. The movie will have Hoopa "Taking the Feild". This movie will base in Kalos. Talking from the picture, it looks like there will be a lot of legendarys. There will be much hype behind the movie.
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Many rumors have gone to the new pokemon game but we know one game that is confurmed, Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, but there is many rumors on the next main game. I belive that Pokemon Z will be made. Maybe in 2017. I would really like pokemon Dimond and Pearl to be remade. I got into pokemon on that game and having it remade would be the so nostalgic. I would like to see Pokemon Yellow remade. It would be a REAL old game remade to look so nice like ORAS would be perfect.