Using Technology To Bully Or Harass Someone Online

What Not to Do IF you Are A Victim Of Cyberbullying

  • Believe the bully
  • Forward bullying content or messages
  • Sink to the bully’s level

How To React To Cyberbullying

  • Cut off the bully
  • Reach out For Help
  • Ignore
  • Know that it’s not your fault

Facts About Teens And The Internet

  • Approximately 69% of teens own their own computer, cell phone, and use social media.
  • An average teen often sends 60 text messages a day
  • Over 81% of teens admit that bullying is easier to get away with online.
  • About 20% of kids that are cyber bullied think about suicide

Signs Your Child Is Being Cyber Bullied

  1. Appears anxious when receiving a text
  2. Withdraws from family
  3. Shows changes in mood
  4. Refuses to go to school

Educating Your Child If They Are The Bully

  1. Establish consistent rules of behavior
  2. Educate your child about cyber bullying

What Are The Statistics OF Cyber Bullying

  • Bullied victims are 7 to 9% more likely to consider suicide
  • over 30,000 children stay home every day due to the fear of being bullied
  • In 2014 1 of 3 students reported being bullied during the school year

Olivia Sousa