The Virginia Colony

By: Garret Daniela, and Rahul

Introducing the Virginia Colony

To some people, the colony at Jamestown and later Virginia seemed like a poor place to establish a colony. There were many bugs and a lot of disease. The water also wasn’t very good. However, there were some advantages to establishing a colony here. It was founded by John Smith and other colonists including John Rolfe, backed by the London Company at Jamestown.


  • The country itself is large and great
  • Air and climate most sweet and wholesome
  • valleys and plains with sweet Springs
  • the land is full of minerals
  • Timber for Shipping
  • Great farmland
  • Cash crops: wheat, tobacco, corn,
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  • Bugs
  • Diseases
  • Indians (until they made peace


  • Virginia government allows families to live rent-free for ten years on land owned by the state
  • Not dominated by a specific religion which gave way to religious freedom for Baptists, Anglicans and others
  • Original Name: The original name of the colony was the Colony and Dominion of Virginia