Where I'd Like to Be~Frances Dowell

Carter Freeman

What type of people should read this book?

Fifth graders to sixth graders who like kids whose life sucks, and who lose friends.

4 things that happened in the book

When Maddie got adopted, then she had to leave all of her friends behind.(pg 231). According to Maddie's grandma when she was a baby Maddie was saved by a ghost, and I think that is cool. (pg 1). Maddie used to live with her Granny Lane but later on she had to go to the orphanage because grandma could not take care of Maddie anymore.( Pg 4) They made a fort and they had a lot of people help and Donita's uncle helped them make the fort. And now I really want to build a fort now. (pg 56-57).

My favorite character

My favorite character was Granny Lane, because she believed in ghosts. And so do I. And because She took care of Maddie at an old age.

She told Maddie that she was saved by a ghost. (pg 1).

She was taking care of Maddie. (pg 1-12).