Andrew Jackson

ZERO By: Nicholas Valdez

Indian Tribes

Andrew Jackson Forced and also slaughtered hundreds of the Indian Tribe members. He made them move some where else wear none of them actually knew real knowledge of the place they were being sent to. Also he was the one who started the trail of tears.

Jackson history

Andrew Jackson was known for his heroic behavior because he fought during the Revolutionary war when he was only 13 years old, Also he fought in the war of 1812 were he people recognized him and voted for him during his election.

National Banks

Although many people believe Jackson is a hero for stopping national banks they are right. But that is many of the things Jackson has done right he took money from the backs when the banks were wondering why they were losing money and he would give them too state banks.

Political Cartoon

Andrew Jackson saying "Back in my days we used to solve this by doing duels" Jackson means it was easier back then to settle on an agreement.