San Antonio

jesus aparicio

The City of San Antonio a want to visit the Alamo becuase I want to know wen the alamo was built and why. San Antonio is like a Alamo, Tower of America ,River walk , Spear and why their want to built and why they want to built the Tower of America and I want to visit the Alamo and I want to go with my family to the Tower of America.

i small food,air and I hear sound,music,laugting and I touch table,insect,houses,chair and

i think about San Antonio that San Antonio is a large City and it got alot of builting and stores.

How to spear How they are so popular and I see alot of thinpets,stores,movies and school,houses and other stofe I can see the City and I can go to mexico to see the stores how to they look like and how to the movies look like in mexico.