By: Meggie S., Corrine V., Ellie B., & Mackenzie M.

What is a helicopter parent?...

A helicopter parent is parent who is overly involved or overly protective in their child's life.

What should parents be?...

Parents need to be a support sytem rather than a defense system.

Parents and elementary school/middle school kids...

Neuroticism is common in overprotective parents and can cause shyness in small children. Shyness is also exacerbated by helicopter parents and is negative academically and socially for grade schoolers, which can carry into adulthood. Parents with children of this age group are especially controlling of everything, from walking to school to being with certain friends.

Parents and High School/ College Kids...

Helicopter parents' actions while their child attends high school have a direct correlation with their child's preparedness for college. Most college professors and deans have noticed that these students don't have the proper social, problem-solving, or independent thinking skills, because their parents haven't allowed them to grow as individuals. Even in college parents try to bulldoze their way into their child's life: requesting grades, asking professors questions, and asking parent coordinators for relationship advice for their student. In order to become a support system, parents need to leave their kids alone and let them discover their independence.

Parents And Extra Curricular Activities...

Aside from the well-meaning and smothering type of helicopter parents, there are the more toxic sort. These types of parents are commonly seen in athletic environment. They are the ones who yell at referees when calls go against their child or the coaches who don't put their young athletes on the best team. Instead of encouraging their children, they push unrealistic expectations to the point where the child wants to quit the sport that loved. They analyze every mistake that their child made during the tournament and expect perfection the next time. Parents should support their children and respect any athletic decision that they make.

Parents and Their Grown Children...

Helicopter parents can cause harm even when their child is an adult. Parents who hover too much can cause their grown children to be dependent and not be ready to leave the nest. When helicopter parents follow their kids into the business world, this can have negative effects in finding, accepting, and being satisfied with a job. What adults really need from their parents is not someone to be by their side 24/7, but to give them support, most often in the form of advice.

The Verdict...

After much research, we have found that helicopter parents usually cause more harm than good in their child's life. Supportive parents help their children become successful adults.

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