Cyber Bullying

What is it?

Cyber bullying happens when one intentionally posts embarrassing photos of them, sends threats over social media, or makes fun of them through by using the internet.

About Cyber Bullying

Source 1 states,"Over the last three years there has been an 87% increase in the number of Childline's counselling about online bullying." Another point from source 1,"7 in 10 young people aged between 13 and 22 have been a victim of cyber bullying." These have both shown, clearly, that cyber bullying is a big deal. Also, it is an awful thing that needs to be dealt with.

Ways to Prevent

So if you read some of the facts/stats stated above and you don't want that to happen to you... then here are a few ways you will be able to prevent anything like this happening.

Source 2 has a few main points that are made. These are subtitles on the internet page, but they are;

1) Know that it's not your fault.

2) Don't respond or retaliate.

3) Save the evidence.

4) Tell the person to stop

5) Reach out for help.

6) Use available tech tools.

7) Protect your accounts.

Now these are some great examples of prevention. However, there is one big one that I think they missed. That is that if you know someone who is being hurt or affected by cyber bullying in a very derogatory way then you need to step in and stand up for them. Or even if you here of anything that is happening like that then you also need to do the same.

How to Report Cyber Bullying

So with all of the ways to prevent cyber bullying, you may also want one more key thing to try and stop this from happening. Which that is you need to know how to report and who to report cyber bullying to if this ever happens. I have found some ways in source 3. Now like that last set of information above, these are also subtitles that you will be able to see clearly. These ways to report are;

1) Report Cyber Bullying to Online Services

2) Report Cyber Bullying to Law Enforcement

3) Report Cyber Bullying to Schools

Okay, so these are great initial ideas for 'How to Report Cyber Bullying'. But for example, when it says 'Report Cyber Bullying to Online Services' it's actually a lot easier than you think. Like on Instagram there is a symbol that you can press to report someone or something. Then you simply just have to explain why. Then it should be taken care of. So for the other two, it is pretty straight forward. You just need to know how you can come in contact with the law enforcement and your school. Which in order to report this to your school, all you need to do is just go to your school and talk to someone about. Then they will talk to the law enforcement if it is something that you and your school cannot do on your own.