Vacation in the Taiga


Much of the taiga is covered by thick groups of beautiful coniferous trees like the white spruce and balsam fir! Besides these and some non-coniferous trees like the pretty paper birch, there is little undergrowth or shrubbery. This assortment of trees is helpful to the taiga because they provide habitats for the animals that commonly live near the trees and use them as food sources and territory markers. The residential birds in the taiga also use the tall trees as safe nesting spots away from predators.
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There are not many mammals in the taiga because they can't survive the cold it. The ones that are there have big coats that protect them from the cold. The red fox and wolverine are just two of the few that live in the taiga.The animals eat other animals and plants that they dig up under the snow. Most animals live in little dens.
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Taiga is basically another word for a paradise. It is located in North America and Eurasia. The average temperature is only a little below freezing for 6 months a year. The temperature during the winter can range from a cool -65 to a cozy 30 degrees farenheit. During the summer it can get moderately warm, ranging from 21 to 70 degrees farenheit. Therefore, you should probably bring some thick coats and long pants. The summer is very short though. It is 50-100 days free from frost. This region gets 12-32 inches of rain per year. A perfect climate for some hot cocoa!
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Frozen Wonderland

The Taiga is called the forest of the cold. It is located between the tundra to the north and the temprate forests to the south in the northern hemisphere. There is a layer of permafrost just beneath the surface and there is also at times bedrock directly beneath the surface. They trap the water beneath the top layers of the soil making the ground soft and spongy. The location of the taiga provides excellent scenery with the trees of the temprate forest and the snow of the tundra.The taiga also offers great things to see like beautiful mountains, great frozen lakes, and
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Why don't you pack up your winter clothing and take a trip to the taiga today!

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