Weekly Memo

April 10-15

Calendar and Duties


Tuesday: Tier 2, PTA

Wednesday: AIT meeting, MAP testing starts

Thursday: Progress reports go home


Monday: PD Day

Parking Lot Duty: Mayotte

Detention: Monday: A Beck

Tuesday: P Beck

Thursday: Veit

Character Trait for April: Self-control

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What's That Smell????

The professional sniffer was here! It has been determined that there is standing water on the roof close to the skylight area around the office. The roof has bubbled up areas where the water is located. The maintenance crew now has a plan to help with the smell while school is still in session and then this summer we are getting a new roof (planned for that a long time ago). Thank you for being patient with the issue and me for not smelling it!

Note from Mr. Tramel to the Community about the 7:00 am Dropoff

At this time I do not know who will be hired for this supervision, if you are interested contact Mr. Tramel.

Due to expected delays on the Jefferson City Bridge, starting on April 19th we will allow those who must travel to Jefferson City the opportunity to drop off their students at 7:00 a.m. to allow extra time for their morning commute. Students will report to a specified location in each building designated by the building principals. Breakfast will not be served until 7:30 am. This will apply to both the High School and Elementary buildings.

We plan to continue this through the end of the current school year so long as the need exists. We will resume our normal drop off time next fall when school starts for the 16-17 school year.

New Staff

At this time I have offered contracts to four individuals. After the April 19th board meeting I will be able to announce. I am still taking applications if anyone asks simply because it is early in the spring and some of you may still leave me.