Arthropod Virtual Dissection lab

Richie Scroggins 3/9/14 Mrs.Vu-PAP Bio-1


Their are many different types of arthropods. For example the grasshopper, an arachnid, or a crayfish and many more. Each have their own unique adaptations like venom or a hard chitin exoskeleton. Due to the fact that their many different types of arthropods their different habitats are all around the world.

Predators/Prey/Life Cycle

Different Arthropods have different predators. For example, A lizard will prey on a spider while a snake will eat a crayfish. The same goes for prey, a spider may prey on flies and the crayfish will prey on plants. The life cycle also depends on the arthropod.


Arthropod dissection lab

The objectives of the arthropod lab were:

-Examine internal organs of a grasshopper and crayfish

-Examine external structure of a grasshopper and crayfish

-Be able to identify and label internal and external anatomy of a grasshopper and crayfish