Foggy Alley

By: Jessica M.

Zoey limp-ran as fast as she could, remembering as she went. It was a cold, breezy night, her husband, Henry, was late from work. Her son, Andrew, was at a friend’s house. Her daughter asleep in her bedroom. She was watching the news when a report came in from the police. “A man was shot in an alley. The man who shot the other man was captured recently and thrown into jail. The man who was shot was taken to the nearest hospital. He was declared dead from the shot wound. They searched the man, and found his wallet and ID. His name is Henry Hugh, if you know this man please call (020) 732-8511.” Tears streaming down Zoey's face, she dialed the number. “Hello,” said a woman’s voice. “Hi, I am the wife of Henry Hugh,” Zoey answered. “Mrs, can you come over to the hospital immediately,” the woman said urgently. “Sure,” she answered and hung the phone up. Why did it have to be him. The funeral was on Sunday, September 16. Andrew was distraught when he found out, her daughter was crying softly to herself, and Zoey was sobbing hard. When they got home, Andrew slammed his bedroom door shut. Boom! Zoey sighed sadly. Why us.

Zoey shook her head, it was exactly a year ago since Henry had died. She looked up at the building in front of her. It was the homeless shelter offices where she worked. She opened the door, dropped off the keys, and walked into her cubicle. She dialed Andrew’s cell phone number and waited. “Mom?” Andrew asked. “Yes, it’s me,” she answered, “Can you come pick me up at the homeless shelter offices and bring petrol, please?” “Sure, be right there,” Andrew said and hung up. Zoey hung up the phone and looked around. Creak. What was that? Zoey’s heart started to pound. She looked around frantically but didn’t see anything. She looked one last time behind her. “Ahhhhh,” she screamed and fell to the ground. Andrew walked into the building ten minutes later with the petrol in his hand. “Mom?” he asked. He looked around and found her dead as a doornail on the floor. Zoey Hugh died September 14 of that year from a heart attack. Exactly a year ago her husband died. Nobody knows what caused her to die from a heart attack, but her.