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Inspire Excellence in Education [May 2, 2016]

World Without Teachers

Teachers are Heroes!

Everyday we have around 630 students enter our school. You smile and greet them no matter what state they are in. You embrace them when they need to feel acceptance, you challenge them to reach their goals, you listen when they confide in you, you feel their pain when they share their struggles, you celebrate their growth, you give them advise when they are faced with friendship issues, and I can go on and on with all the things you do to serve our students. You are a hero, because you are given a very challenging task, and you press on with determination and passion. Thank you for being a hero for our students!

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This and That

Teacher Appreciation Week:

  • Monday- Lunch for all staff provided by Gospel Village
  • Tuesday- "Sweet Day": we will stock up on sweet treats for you all day in the lounge.
  • Wednesday-"Waffle Day": We will serve you waffles from 7-9:00 a.m., and ingredients will be available all day for you to make extra waffles in the lounge.
  • Thursday-"Fruit Day": Stop by and grab some healthy fruit! Super heroes need to be strong and healthy!
  • Friday-"H2O Day"- super heroes need to stay hydrated! We will have a variety of soda, coffee, water, lemonade, tea for you through out he day.
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Regular PLC this week

Specials Rotation: Week A

5/2/16: Staff meeting 3:35 Library (moved to Monday) / 5th Six Weeks Awards Assembly in the morning

5/4/16: Turn in Summer PD plan to supervisor

5/5/16: Graduation picture for K, Head Start, and 5th Grade

5/6/16: Career Day / Nurse's Day / Talent Show 1:30-2:30

5/9/16: STAAR Math-3rd & 4th Gr. / 5th Gr. retest

5/10/16: STAAR Reading - 3rd & 4th Gr. / 5th Gr. retest

5/11/16: STAAR Science 5th Grade

5/12/16: 2nd Grade field trip-zoo, progress report window opens 12:30

5/13/16: Career Day

5/14/16: Art Fest