National Breast Cancer Foundation

Founded in 1991

Mission Statement/Funding interests

The National Cancer Foundation, Inc. helps women by informing them about breast cancer, raising awareness to the public, and helping under privileged women get treatment. if you go to thier website you can help a women in need, by donating money, buying merchandise, and creating your own fundraiser.

The Founder

Janelle was 34 years old, married, and the mother of three young sons. Facing breast cancer in 1980 was not easy for women, since there was little information available for women about their healthcare. There was no internet, and a woman had to rely completely on whatever her doctor told her. That is, if she was careful enough to go to the doctor for regular checkups, as Janelle was. Janelle discovered a lump in her breast as a result of training on self-exams from her health class in Junior High School. Years later, she remembered the technique and immediately went to the doctor when she realized the lump would not go away on its own. The result was an early diagnosis of breast cancer, which led to a mastectome.

Mastectome: a surgical operation to remove a breast.

In 1991, she founded National Breast Cancer Foundation, with the help of her husband and family. It became a family mission to make a pact to help the foundation succeed. NBCF did not start as many non-profits do, with fame and fortune. It was created out of a God-given love for humanity and a calling on her life to help the needy.

This flyer was made by 6th graders for a class project.