Reef Weekly

Parents Disown Children Over Controverisal Weapons

A recent study revealed that a common reason that parent's disown their children is for the use of guns such as "The Last Word" which has caused much controversy in the recent years with its infamous capablities in the Crucible Arena. Due to many upset guardians, users of The Last Word are ofen insulted and harrased outside the arena.

This has made many parents of Kinderguardians increasingly worried about the extremity of the harrasment. Kali Ashura, a reef native and mother of two, has personally made steps towards preventing the harrasment. "Simply put, I warned him that if he continued using that blasted weapon I would disown him. Plain and simple" Ashura said. "Pretty soon after that he stopped and went back to using his No Land Beyond he got for winning first in his SLR division at school.

However, not all Kinderguardians were so willing to give up the weapon they've grown to love. The Office of the Traveller has seen a drastic 36% increase in homeless guardians Light Level 21 and below. The Speaker confirmed that they would be moving foward in implementing a plan to house these Kinderguardians until they reached light level 25 where they could be certified as Legal Guardians employed by the Traveller.