Fourth Grade PEAK

December 2,3,4


1. Each student needs ear buds next week. We will participate in an hour of code for computer science week.

2. Please send in a colored trifold with your child.

3. I received two glue guns - so we just need other items from my previous "needs" list.



1. Power of One Projects: We still have a few outstanding Power of One Projects. Please have your child email me the plan. It should follow the format handed to them in class. If you need another worksheet - please let me know.

2. Edmodo: Common Bonds - Be sure to finish this up for next week! We did not get to this today - we will be going over it in class before Christmas break -- ask your child if he/she finished the assignment on Edmodo.


  • We continued taking notes -- we focused on our humanitarian's Impact on Humanity and the qualities are humanitarian possess. Students are becoming very adept at taking accurate, significant and relevant notes.


Enrichment Centers:

  • Topic Study: We are wrapping up vocabulary presentations and starting new projects. Student essential questions drive our learning. Most students have begun working on another project to answer their question show depth of knowledge!
  • Science: We finished our final paper towel experiment and wrote conclusions. We are working on a final conclusion and reflection for our Paper Towel Science Unit: Truth in Advertising?
  • Math: We continued to solve problems.

Personal Growth and Development

We finished PGD color videos.

Technology Buzz:

I movie and Video techniques
  • Students are learning how to shoot video and edit it through Imovie. Students are examining a variety of video - shooting techniques!

Kahoot it:

  • Today students participated in an online quiz to test our knowledge of scientific vocabulary. The kids like it so much that some want to use this format for a topic study project for their independent research topic.

Easy Bib:

  • Students learned to cite sources through Easy Bib - what an awesome research tool!

Google Drive/Classroom:

  • Students are actively using their Chrome books
  • We have organized our Google Drives
  • Practiced sharing and saving documents
  • Bookmarked important websites
  • Actively working in Google Classroom


  • Set up a PEAK Powtoons account - we should have fun with this!


  • We introduced Edmodo another online learning tool!

Classroom Book Source:

  • Students learned how to check out books electronically from my classroom library.


  • There is a link on my student resource page for students to "Tweet" about the day. I will post 5 tweets a week on my classroom board - some may even make it to real twitter. Tweets should be relevant to our learning day.
  • Please follow me on twitter - you never know when a tweet will post about your child's PEAK day!

Create a Graph:

  • Applied our knowledge on how to make graphs online.


  • Online note taking application used during Topic Study.