2 Trials.

1930's Trial

Tom Robison Trial

Tom Robinson accused of rape. The trial was intense and only lasted a day. It was on November 21st and in the Ewell's place. Mayella Ewell said that she asked Tom Robinson to help her and she would give him a nickel if he did. Tom Robison agreed and follwed Mayella to where it was. Then Tom Robsion grabbed her from behind and raped her... Tom Robison stated that he did not touch the girl. Mayella came on to him and stared kissing him... After the testimonys, they pleaded Tom Robinson was found gulity...

Scottsboro Trial

The Scottsboro Boys were also accused of rape. The Trial lasted 12 days. The incidnet statred in a rail to Alabama. There was a group of white folks and black folks. At the point of the trip they started to fight. In the testimony of a white folk said that the african americans started the fight, and a other white folk said that the white people statred it. The women said that they raped her. After the last day they charged 8 out of the 9 Africans to death...

2 Trials

The Jury in both trials were the same because they accused the afrcan americans. They didnt even bother to think about it. Like Tom Robison it lasted a day and the jury did not even take that long. These trials are simlar because they were both accused and the trial was a rape case. The only differnce that there was serval guys and it was on a rail. I think that both of trials was just bogus. They were not gulity... Thats a other similarity.