December 5-11

Hour of Code - WORLDWIDE

What is the Hour of Code?

A one-hour activity. Students of all ages can choose from a variety of self-guided tutorials, for kindergarten and up. Tutorials work on any modern browser, tablet, smartphone, or even with no computer at all.

A spark to keep learning computer science. Once students see what they create right before their eyes, they’re empowered to keep going.

A global movement with more than 100 million learners in 196 countries. Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event. Tutorials are available in 40 languages

Coding Resources

Use the following resources below if one of the above resources do not tickle your fancy.

  • Code.org Learn: Various simulations that teach coding through gaming. Students can pick and choose which types of activities they would like to use.
  • Code Monkey: Learn elements of coding through playing a game!
  • Pencil Code Gym: Code your own art, music, or fiction!
  • Code Academy: Learn to code through the use of interactive tutorials! Students can choose the type of coding language they would like to learn (Examples, CS, Java, Python, etc.).
  • Scratch Project Editor: Use the Tips to work through various tutorials that teach you how to code by using blocks!

Content Area Resources to Conduct an Hour of Code

Use the following resources to host an hour of code in your classroom:
  • Input and Output Math Activity: Math (Algebra), Math (Functions), unplugged. Connect JavaScript functions to both math and real world problems.
  • BitsBox Coding: Geometry: Explain ways technology plus math impacts our lives. Design new and more sustainable ways to harvest and store energy and figure out how to send people to space, to the moon, and soon, to Mars!
  • Hour of Code: Climate Science: Science (Climate), Science (Environment), unplugged. Students draw a picture, and take turns giving the class steps to recreate their drawing.
  • BitsBox Coding and Biology: Create and examine flower design app while coding!
  • BitsBox Coding and Chemistry: Create and examine reactions using code!
  • Computer History Activity: History, Storytelling, Scratch, Google Docs, unplugged Your class will be be creating a 'history of computers' web page/Scratch project/video that we can share with the world. To make this web page, you and your partner will do research and write about one important event or person in computer history
  • Grace Hopper DeBugging Activity: History, Language Arts, Storytelling, unplugged Students will research Grace Hopper and learn the story of the first "bug".
  • BitsBox Coding and Visual Arts: Explain ways art and technology impacts our lives. Students will get to use technology today to make their own art!
  • BitsBox Coding and Music: Explain ways technology and music impacts our lives. Students will get to use technology today to make their own music!
  • STEM: Students complete a set of three coding puzzles that introduce them to some basic coding concepts. Middle schoolers then make a Solar System simulation with step­-by-­step instructions. Students use coding and outside research to complete their projects.
  • Made with Code: World Language: Learn a new language...Coding!

Print Coding Certificates!

After completing the Hour of Code, print certificates for your students, by clicking here.
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