Springstroh Times

October 9, 2015

Everyday Math

This week in math, we focused on place value and multi-digit addition. Students played a lot of games to help them gain confidence with both!

Our Unit 2 Math test will be Monday, October 19th.

This test will cover...

  • Multi-digit addition
  • Multi-digit subtraction
  • Equivalent names for numbers
  • Reading and writing numbers
  • Place Value
  • Expanded Form
  • Analyzing a tally chart and creating a graph

*Ask your child...

What are three equivalent names for number 28? (Ex: 7x4, 20 + 8, 15 + 13, 2x12+2)

Write the number 6,845,309 in word form? (Six million, eight hundred forty-five thousand, three hundred nine)

What is 645 + 391 - Show your work! (1,036)

Thank You!

Thank you for getting your field trip forms back to me by today! We are very excited to go on the field trip to Aldo Leopold Nature Center on October 23rd! If you haven't turned in the permission form or money yet, please do so as soon as possible.

For more information on the Aldo Leopold Nature Center, please click here.


In reading this week, we worked a lot on citing evidence when writing a short answer to a question. We followed the process of creating a topic sentence, citing and explaining our thoughts, and writing a closing sentence. Through this process, I have seen each student have much more complete answers that display their conceptual understanding of the reading.

One way we learned how to cite evidence in a text is through word-for-word quotes.

**Ask your child... What is a word-for-word quote and how do we use it to back up our thinking?

Social Studies

In social studies this week your child was assigned to a region of the United States to explore and learn about. Each group has looked into the climate, landforms, tourist attractions, and natural resources in that area. We are collaborating and researching to come up with a great Google Slide presentation to show the class when we are finished!

**Ask your child what region they are studying (Midwest, Southeast, Southwest, Northeast, West)

Important Dates to Remember

October 14th - Conference Timesheet Due

October 19th - Unit 2 Math Test

October 23rd - Field Trip to ALNC