This Star Won't Go Out

"The life and words of Esther Grace Earl"

written by

Esther Earl with Lori and Wayne Earl

Introduction by John Green


This Star Won't go Out by Esther Earl, her family, and John Green, is a memoir about a girl named Esther Grace Earl. It is a collection of her journals, pictures, art, and letters the Esther made, when she was alive. Esther was a regular girl, minus the thyroid cancer that eventually took her life. In the introduction, John green talks about how Esther saved him from catastrophe twice and how instead of a fangirl, he thought of her as a friend. Most of her journals were filled with things that a normal girl without cancer would say. For example, on pages 214-216, she is on the phone with a friend, and talking bout how school is turning her into some girly girl which she isn't. She expressed her love for everything everyday, and to her and her family, it actually seemed as if Esther didn't have a disease. In fact, she showed admiration, and love so much, she has a "holiday" on August 3rd (Esther's birthday), called Esther Day, and it is a reminder to nerdfighters to express their love for family and friends. To this day, she is still touching many hearts with her inspiring story.

Meeting John

Before meeting John, Esther's life was different. There were some things that were the same. Esther still had cancer, but was still showing love and happiness. She was also basically a regular teenager, reading, and writing. Okay, well maybe not the regular teenager, but the average fangirl, which I would know a lot about, considering the fact that thats basically me, but I may be more.. alternative. Anyway,back to the topic at hand, after meeting John, she was even more happy. Who wouldn't be if they met, and were friends with one of the greatest young adult writers of this generation? Esther didn't let it take control over her, and was chill about it. She still had cancer, but it didn't bother her as much. John helped Esther get through tough times, and was shocked to hear while they were messaging, that she was in the hospital. He was making her happy even though she had tubes running in and out of her body, and that couldn't have been done as well if she hadn't met John.
With Esther