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December 2014

Guess What's Coming Up?

Check this out......

This section of our newsletter will focus on what our "theme" will be that we explore for the next few weeks! For the next three weeks in December leading up to Winter break, we will be having all kinds of gingerbread, cookie, and candy cane fun! We'll be exploring "Winter Sweets!" During our theme we will explore many skills with gingerbread men! Some activities we will be doing include: icing cookies, painting gingerbread men, playing cookie games, running after the gingerbread man, reading many different gingerbread man and cookies stories, singing a Winter favorite "Jingle Bells," and more! It will be SWEET! We'll also be making something fun for our families! We know Winter is upon us, so we're going to embrace it and get sweet on Winter! We're learning, growing, and having fun!


Families - at the beginning of the school year we asked for only a few classroom supplies from you due to the fact that we just don't have the storage room to house large quantities of supplies at one time! Well, we are in need of the following supplies:

*Clorox wipes


*Diaper wipes/wipes that are okay for skin

*Paper towels

If you happen to be out and about and see good deals - we would appreciate anything you could donate! Thanks so much!

Ms. Tina's Tidbits!

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In this section of our newsletter, Ms. Tina will be giving some language and communication tips to use that will connect home and school! Our language and communication is a integral part of our classroom, and we all want to be on the same page!

Okay, from the start of this school year, Miss Leslie and I had been talking about putting together videos to help our families expand their child’s play skills at home. At the start of this year I sent out a list of toys that are toys you should have at home to help increase your child’s language and social play skills at home. Since I get this question often from many of my parentswith children with all different disabilities we felt it was important to target. And, we really wanted to start making videos on “how to play” with specific age typical toys for different skill levels. So, how crazy cool is this new website that we recently found from Hasbro toys? They recently published a new website called “ToyBox” Tools. “ToyBox” Tools is a series of instructional videos, printed instructions, play-mats and more. This supportive website is a start in helping make play easier and more accessible for children, their families, caregivers and teachers. These tools provide three levels of play and the toys are categorized by those levels. To help guide you and your child through a fun and rewarding play experience, these instructional levels are available in both print and video form.

At this time, I feel it would be best to start with LEVEL ONE as we introduce the simple act of playing and how to engage your child in playing with toys at home. This video will help to guide you so you can start helping your child “learn” how to play more appropriately. Remember, it takes repetition and modeling to increase play skills to more typical levels. It may be helpful to purchase duplicates of some toys so your child has a toy and you have a toy so they may imitate your play and actions. Or you may need to assist your child by providing choices to increase engaging in these tasks. Remember, play is a skill we have to learn and build on as we grow and engage with various differenttypes of toys. Modeling is key, so get down on the floor andhave fun playing alongside of your child using language and actions during these play schemes. Here is the first “play”assignment to target at home.


Get out your favorite potato head and go have some fun with your child!

This is a great time to start thinking about “what” gifts to get your child as we move closer to special holidays or your child’s birthday!

Miss Tina

Ready, set, GO! Have fun!

Let's Get Messy......Sensory Ideas for Home!

Making some kind of yummy smelling play-dough and pretending to make cookies is always fun for home! You can use regular baking pans, spatulas, oven mitts - anything that encourages sensory play! The recipe in the link is for a yummy gingerbreadplay-dough - but any play-dough would work! Get out the cookie cutters, rolling pins, and start "baking!" Have fun!

We've Got Skills!

In this section of our newsletter you will find skills we work on in our classroom. Some skills, you will notice, might be listed quite a lot, but they are skills that we are continually working on now and always! The rest of the list consists of things that may go with our theme, or they are newer skills we are trying to acquire! Here is what we have been working on thus far during our first couple of weeks! We are already seeing LOTS of great things! OH, and please don't think this list is all we work on! These are highlights of our hard daily work!

  • Sharing materials
  • Following our classroom routine, using a picture schedule
  • Taking something off of the flannel board, or placing a picture on to a picture or flannel board
  • Simple motor imitations (clapping hands, tapping legs, waving, giving high five's, jingling bells)
  • Starting to recognize friends' names
  • Matching shapes, doing a shape sorter
  • Walking down the hall and being able to stop, wait, go, and come here!
  • Responding to our names.
  • Matching picture to picture and picture to object!
  • Being able to "give me _______" when an adult or friend is requesting something!

Check out what we are learning!

HSE Student Illness Policy

As our weather starts to change and the sniffles, cold, flu season starts, here are a few reminders about our illness policies for students! If your child has had a fever, has vomited, or has had diarrhea, he/she must be symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. With a fever, your child must be fever free without the use of fever-reducing medication for 24 hours before returning to school. I know this is sometimes frustrating, because you do not want your child to miss school. We don't want your child to miss school, either. However, we also want to make sure that your child is not susceptible to getting sicker and do not want to spread illness throughout our classroom. Thanks so much for your understanding. As always, let me know what questions you might have!

Special Notes and Upcoming News/Events

  • Winter break - school will be closed from Monday December 22nd - Monday January 5th! Monday January 5th is a teacher work day, and students come back on Tuesday January 6th! We'll see you back that Tuesday! We all hope you have a wonderful Winter break and spend time with loved ones!
  • Please remember - if for some reason your child will not be riding the bus to or from school, please call our transportation department and let them know! You can reach them at (317)594-4117

HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to all the family members that joined us for our Fruit Friends-giving! Can't wait to do something again!

Check This Out.....

One of our favorites from 2nd Circle!

2nd Circle typically happens at the end of our day. It involves using some kind of video clip, or iPad app that is motivating and at the same time has TONS of concepts we can work on and learn from! Transitioning to our 2nd Circle is one of our easiest transitions!

the gingerbread man song
The Laurie Berkner Band - Candy Cane Jane