The Battle of Berlin

The beggining of the End

April 16th to May 2nd, 1945

Battle of Berlin: Berlin, Germany
Soviet Union v.s. Nazi Germany


  • Stalin begins his attack after Hitler invades the Soviet Union breaking their secret pack.
  • Stalin unleashed sheer horror on the city of Berlin with the blunt force of 20 armies, 6,300 tanks and 8,500 aircraft.
  • Stalin's main objective was taking over Berlin.

The Devastaion in Berlin

  • Of the 245,000 building in Berlin only 48,000 were left standing after the attack.
  • Soon after attacking there was no longer any sources of gas, water and electricity because Stalin ordered his men to cut it off from going into the city.
  • The people of Berlin began to starve and traded valuable items for food.
  • Soon riots and murders emerged from the search for food.

Hiltler Falls

Soon after the invasion and destruction of Berlin Adolf Hitler saw no escape for himself and was afraid of what may happen to him if he was captured by his enemies. He and his girlfriend then committed suicide in his bunker. The War was near the end.
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Das Ende des Krieges (The End of The War)

Soon after Hitler commits suicide Germany signs a conditional surrender and the war is over.