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Happy New Year 2016

Safety Corner Brought to you by the Safety Committee

If a physical or an aggressive verbal altercation takes place in your classroom, please use the following procedures:

1. Remove students not involved in altercation from classroom to the hallway.

2. Buzz office for assistance, inform the office you have a 36 (code for a fight/altercation) in your classroom.

3. If you feel the students can be verbally deescalated without placing yourself in bodily harm, proceed.

4. Wait for assistance with your class in the hallway.

DO NOT PLACE YOURSELF IN HARM. Administration and removal staff have been trained to separate/deescalate altercations.

Thank you,

Safety Committee

Winter Diagnostic Testing 1/5/16 - 1/12/16

Winter Diagnostic Testing (grades 6-10) in Reading, Math, Civics and Science will take place from 1/5/16- 1/12-16.

  • Reading 1/5, 1/6
  • Math 1/7, 1/8
  • Science, Civics & (11th & 12th) Retakes 1/11
  • Retakes for 11th & 12th 1/12
  • Make-ups 1/13- 1/15

New Nurse to Come

Due to changes with the Health Care District our school nurse, Julie McBride will be reassigned to other schools beginning the end of January. We bid her farewell and best wishes. We will have a new nurse who will shadow Nurse McBride until the end of January. Our new school nurse will be Nanchesca Nelson. You will see her shadowing Nurse McBride starting Jan 13th. Please give her a warm welcome to Village Academy.

From the Desk of the School Nurse

From the desk of your Health Care District School Nurse:

Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. It is commonly known that regular exercise is a wonderful way to improve physical fitness, fight against obesity, diabetes and heart disease. But a new study shows that regular exercise is also a good way to improve children’s brain function which may lead to better academic success.

The CDC guidelines suggest that school age students participate in at least 60 minutes of exercise each day. Participation in sports or a formal exercise program is one way to keep fit. However, the three types of recommended physical activity can be met through many different types of play. For example, climbing on a jungle gym or a tree builds muscle strength. Playing tag is a great aerobic activity and bone strengthening can occur by jumping rope or playing hopscotch. Make it fun!

For more information visit

Data Chats & Formals to Begin

Please be advised that data chats with administration will begin when the Winter data is released. Please take the time to review trends in your data in Performance Matters. There is also a new report in Performance Matters that will show you only benchmarks taught prior to the Winter Diag. The Title of the report is "Custom Baseball Card Reports" and is easily found on the landing page in Performance Matters. See the image below. Additionally the scheduling of formal observations will begin in January.
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Sports News

In most recent VA Sports News, two of Village Academy football players recently played in the Florida vs. Georgia All-Star Game held at Boynton High. Thomas Neal made an interception and Jevaughn Codlin made some key tackles. A few of our former players attended the game such as Devontae Robinson (Utah State), Trequan Smith (University of Central Florida) and Kevin Bronson (University of South Florida) to name a few. John I. Leonard will host the upcoming Palm Beach County Bowl Game in which,Thomas Neal, Dwight Holt, Jevaughn Codlin, and Tracy Bean will play. Tracy Bean received an Honorable Mention by the Palm Beach Post. Lastly, February 3rd is National Signing Day and we are proud to announce that Malik Ballard and Thomas Neal will be signing.

Collegiate Alumni Care Packages

The items shown below were donated for VA's Collegiate Alumni care packages. The goods were distributed to our 13 of our alumni student athletes over the holidays. Congratulations and thanks to Coach Rob, Ms. Dipalma, Ms. Hertz, Ms. Hornedo and Ms. Dixon!

Race for the Cure with the Village Academy Family!

Join Ms. Madison and the Village Academy Team as we Race for the Cure! Show your support to friends, family and others who have been impacted by cancer by signing up on our team page. Click here for the link!

Read, Run & Recycle Race

Saturday, Jan. 16th, 9pm

9067 Southern Boulevard

West Palm Beach, FL

Ms. Corodimas would like to thank everyone for support for the Milers Club this year! The annual Read, Run and Recycle Race will be held at the Fairgrounds this Saturday. We will be having our Pasta Party on Friday at dismissal to "carb up". Please stop by the cafeteria to wish our runners luck.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

12 free Tech Tools! Make a New Year's resolution to try at least one new tech tool this year!

Want to learn how to make interactive PowerPoint movies? You can with Office Mix. You can control things like how many attempts the students get, provide hints, add a timer, randomly change the order of the multiple choice questions, and even provide feedback on the particular answers the students select. In this free e-book you will also get information on learning about coding, "Snip", how to Skype in the classroom, and "Sway", a digital story telling app. Make your New Year's resolutions to be to try one new technology skill in the classroom!

Click here to download the 12 Free Tech Tools w/ examples of how to use them in the classroom.

From the Desk of the School Secretary

Health Rewards Information Meetings will be held on January 13 - January 15 in the Elementary Conference Room. Please visit or call (866) 998-2915 to schedule an appointment. It is vitally important that you understand the new Health Rewards Requirements. FBMC Representatives will assist you with the following during your one-on-one meeting:

Learn about the new IRS regulated Form 1095-C Education your on the 2016 Health Rewards Program Provide you with your 2016 Personal Health Rewards Planner

Help you make an appointment for your biometric screening Inform you about the following Trustmark Voluntary Benefits:

Universal LifeEvents that includes a Long-Term Care rider

Accident Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance