Scientific Notation

Cherry, Cayla P.3

What is Scientific Notation?

Scientific Notation is the way scientist easily handle very large numbers or very small numbers. It is also based on the power of 10. Examples are shown on the side.

Thing to Make Sure You Do or Know

-If the number is larger than 10 , place in a decimal. ex) 75 would be 7.5

-Negative exponent would move behind the decimal of the number. ex) 7.5x 10 with and exponent of -2 would be .0075

-Count zeros carefully

-Positive exponent would move to the right of the decimal

Wanna take it a step farther?

Check out this video!


Tuesday, Feb. 3rd, 6:15-8pm

1409 Wesley Chapel Road

Indian Trail, NC

On February 3, 2015 , meet us in the cafeteria at Sun Valley Middle School at 6:15. We will have a great night using scientific notation in Bingo version. Kids and adults will be able to come in for free to play the game! The winner wins a 80$ gift card to Target and a iPad mini. Please come out and join us, there will also be pizza and soda for them to enjoy! The pizza is 2$ a piece and 1.50 for a soda. Come out for the kids and you wont regret it.