CPE Counselor News

1st Quarter

Meet Our Intern!

Archana Sabesan

Hi all! My name is Ms. Sabesan! I'm currently in the school counseling program at UNC-CH, and will be interning here at Cameron Park for the 2013-14 school year. I wanted to come into this field because of my love for working with children and helping each and every one of them succeed. In addition to seeing students individually, I will also be helping teach classroom lessons as well as running small groups. For instance, in mid-September, I will be developing and implementing a "New Students Group" with any new, transfer, and/or transition students who are having difficulties with adjusting. I'm very excited to spend this next year at this school, and to get to know the Cameron Park Tigers!
Are you interested in a parent book club? I am hoping to get people together to learn about interesting topics about parenting & kids. Please click here to answer 4 quick questions about your interest. Only four questions!

I will be working with a school counselor in Johnston county and we are hoping to pair up our book clubs for some cross-district collaboration!

GRIT: Getting along with others!

What's going on in the classrooms?

Each class will have 3 counseling lessons per quarter. In the first quarter, we will be focusing on the GRIT trait of “getting along with others.”

Kindergarten: We will learn about helpful behaviors in the classroom. We will also learn how a good friend uses empathy to understand the feelings and perspectives of others.

1st & 2nd Grades: We will learn about how to resolve conflicts with others using the “Conflict Resolution Time Machine” and the role of choices (1st) and assertiveness (2nd) in resolving conflicts.

3rd & 4th Grades: We will learn about getting along using the Steps to Respect program. We will practice respect, conversation skills, and keeping friends.

5th Grade: We will be learning about getting along using the Steps to Respect program. We will practice what to do if someone is mad at you and how to refuse and report bullying.