What's Next In KidSpring?

Out In the Wild: African Safari - April 3 - May 22

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What's Happening During This Series?

We are going on a safari out in the wild to see all of the wonderful things that God wants us to see in His word. Every week we will discover what the Bible is and why it's important.

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We’re going on a safari through the plains of Africa! Each week, our safari guide, Rafiki, will take kids on an adventure to look for a special safari animal. Kids will help Rafiki drive the safari jeep and follow the animal’s tracks until they find it!

Each week, the animal they find will tell them a story from God’s Word. Along the way, a camera will pop onto the screen. This will cue Rafiki and the kids to “snap a pic” so they will remember all the wonderful things the animal showed them in the Bible. After the Bible story, Rafiki and kids will try to head back, but will find that their keys have been snatched by a silly bird named Yuni! They must use the pictures they took during the Bible story to answer Yuni’s questions and get their keys back. When they return, the celebrate with a song!

Song: The B-I-B-L-E

Out In The Wild- Song "The Bible"

Song: wonderful things

Out In The Wild- Song "Wonderful Things"

Memory Verse

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Quinn, a famous YouTube personality, is on Safari in Africa getting footage for his next YouTube hit when he is left behind by his safari crew. Each week Quinn learns how to survive out in the wild as he tries to make it back to the reserve where his crew is staying. In Week 1, Quinn discovers a Safari Guide that helps him through all the situations he faces. The Safari Guide represents how the Bible is important for our everyday lives.

Song: The Books of the Bible

Out In The Wild- Song "The Books Of The Bible"

Song: open my eyes

Out In The Wild- Song "Open My Eyes"

Memory Verse

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upcoming Family Events!

April 12: Reading at Barnes & Noble for Families of 3 Year Olds

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If you've got a 3 year old, come hang out with other parents as your kids get to enjoy a reading of "Bloom" by Doreen Cronin. The fun starts at 10:00 at the Barnes & Noble at The Shops at Greenridge on Tuesday, April 12.

April 16: Family Night at the Zoo

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We've rented out the Greenville Zoo just for you! Mark your calendars for Saturday, April 16th from 5:30-7:30 as we get to celebrate our new series SAFARI. Be sure to save your spot by sending in your RSVP here.

May 10: WonderWay & Preschool Families Picnic at the Park

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Are you a parent of a child under the age of 5? Looking for a way to get to know other parents? Or just something fun to do during the day? Come have a picnic with us at Legacy Park on Tuesday, May 10th. We'll be there from 10:30-1:00!

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Meet Your Greenville KidSpring Team

Our staff team is always here for you! We love your kids and are so thankful that you entrust us with them each Sunday!

April McDonald

KidSpring Director
  • From Piedmont, SC
  • Previous Profession: 2nd Grade Teacher
  • BA in Early Childhood Education from North Greenville University
  • Loves kids, coffee, all things coconut, and spending time with friends!
  • My favorite thing about KidSpring is getting to see kids "get it." That they truly understand who Jesus is and that their childlike faith is so pure & bold!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in March 2012.

Erin Hart

KidSpring PreSchool Coordinator
  • Married to Paul & has a sweet, 10 month old baby girl, Nora
  • Previous Profession: Social Worker
  • From Chicago, IL
  • Loves vegetables, running, and traveling!
  • She lived in Nicaragua.
  • Joined NewSpring staff in July 2012.

Kelsey Achee

KidSpring Elementary Coordinator
  • Married to Michael & has a precious 17 month old, Ellison
  • Previous Profession: Nurse
  • Loves being outside, gardening, & spending time with her family!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in April 2013.

Lauren McDonald

KidSpring Guest Services Coordinator
  • From Piedmont, SC
  • B.S. in Biochemistry from College of Charleston
  • Loves coffee, indie music, sushi, and anything and everything at Target
  • My favorite thing about KidSpring is seeing kids trusting and loving their small group leaders and talking about things that are going on in their lives outside of a Sunday and how they can take what they're learning about Jesus and use that at home and at school!
  • Joined NewSpring staff in December 2013.

Brittney Austin

KidSpring PreSchool Area Leader
  • Previous Profession: motivational workout coach for kids at the Y & nanny
  • From Aiken, SC
  • BS Degree in Exercise Science from the University of South Carolina Aiken
  • Loves Chipotle, Birthday Celebrations, fun music, and sitting on the beach with friends
  • My favorite thing about KidSpring is seeing parents step up as spiritual leaders and getting to see families grow together in the Lord
  • Joined NewSpring staff in September 2014.