Great Expectations

By Lily Cahill

Rising Action

The rising action of Great Expectations is when starts to become a gentleman. This is the rising action because this is his start of him being on his way to what he thinks will be a better life.


The climax of Great Expectations is when the main character Pip discovers that his secret benefactor is not who he thought it to be. When Pip found out that Magwitch, the escaped convict, was his benefactor instead of Ms. Havisham. The intensity of this part is what led me to believe that this was the climax of Great Expectations.


There were several different resolutions to the book, Great Expectations. One of the main resolutions is that Pip came home and stopped ignoring his family. Another resolution was between Pip and Estella. At the end of the book the two characters had worked it out, and then walked away together holding hands.