by JohnGriner

The causes of poverty.

  1. One reason countries are in poverty can be because of a recent natural disaster.
  2. Poverty and inequality are not the same, but inequality can cause the spread of poverty by keeping groups with a lower social status from getting the food and supplies to support themselves.
  3. Some countries are poor because they owe large debt because of loans from richer countries.
  4. Some countries are poor because of a war in their past that left them with few resources.

The effects of poverty.

  1. One factor poverty has a serious affect on is heath. Without money to pay for proper healthcare, people can get diseases and life expectancy declines.
  2. Another affect of poverty is malnutrition. Mainly children of family's in poverty get it because they don't have access to the nutritious foods, or there not able to buy them.
  3. Another affect is on education. Children of poor family's can't afford an education so they are less educated.
  4. The last affect of poverty is the impact on the economy by low employment rates. Without an education people have less of a chance to get a good paying job. With out people having jobs in a country it stops the development of a strong economy.


  1. About half of the world's population-over 3 billion people-live on less than $2.50 a day.
  2. About 1 billion people entered the 21st century unable to read or sign there own name.
  3. People in poverty always put first priority on making more money because cash is fungible: it can be used to buy food, it could be used to get legitimate health care, and it could be used for a child's education.