Jessica Lauren Mcwhite

BA Early Education Administration

A little bit about me...

My name is Jessica Lauren Mcwhite, and I am from Baton, North Carolina. My goal is to acquire my Bachelors degree in Early Education Administration. I hope to one day own my own childcare facility; or assist the ECE children, for they are dear to my heart. I have four classes left until I graduate. As I begin the CHAMPS program, I have had mixed emotions. I am excited to help others as I have been helped throughout this online classroom experience; however, I am nervous that others may not understand my perspective or that I may not be able to assist them. When I first started attending Ashford University, I was extremely stressed. The entire experience was new to me, and I was apprehensive about the lack of face to face interaction from an online classroom environment. My mentor was Oliver Hepp; he was so nice and understanding to the new student (me) who constantly asked him questions. If I had not had this helpful relationship in the beginning, I may have quit; because of him and personal connection to my issues I was able to overcome my own obstacles. I was put at ease and this helped to motivate me toward my educational progression and success. This is what I hope to do for others, be that source of understanding and motivation. I look forward to this opportunity to be a mentor for new students.