PBIS PAWS Newsletter

December 2015

Discipline Data

There were a total of 303 referrals for the month of November. This represents a significant decrease of 118 referrals from October. We are headed in the right direction!!

Our top offenses were:

- 42 referrals for tardies

- 42 referrals for insubordination

- 38 skipping and truancy (represents a 50% decrease from October)

- 32 for class disruptions

Reflection Question

What might be causing the spike of referrals for insubordination and class disruption?

Classroom Management Tip:

Acknowledge the positive behaviors in a class. Don't focus on the negative.

4:1 Campaign

Tally how many times you give a positive, verbal praise to a student and tally the negative comments or redirection. A good ratio by the end of the class is 4:1- that is 4 positive comments to every 1 negative comment. If you meet that then you are focusing on positive interactions with students. See if this helps with the insubordination and class disruptions.

Extra Mile Award Winners

Extra Mile Award Nominees (November Nominations)

Congratulations! Please keep going the Extra Mile

  • Ms. Melissa Politan
  • Mr. Troy Thompson
  • Ms. Jackie Prophit
  • Ms. Diana Christy
  • Ms. Jane McCarter
  • Ms. Melissa Anderson
  • Ms. Eddie Williams
  • All Instructional Assistants nominated by Mr. Banks (Mrs. Vandyke, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Gray, Mrs. Whitt, Mrs. Pai, Mrs. Champion, Mrs. Snow, Ms. Eliot, Mrs. Vinson, Mrs. White, Mr. Seachrest)

PBIS Snack Shack Open Each Week

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PBIS Snack Shack

Please hand out PAWS to the students. The PBIS Snack Shack will be open weekly for students to use PAWS to buy snacks.

BHS PBIS Awarded Walmart Community Grant

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The PBIS team has been awarded a Walmart Community Grant.

A snippet from our grant application:

"Funds will be used to support teachers through proper teacher training and incentives for program implementation Additionally, the funds will be used for students to attend field trips to local businesses and colleges, inviting guest speakers to special workshops, and for school- based incentives which allow students to use their PAWS (school based currency system) for discounts to school-wide events."

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