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Church pews or chairs?

It has often been the topic of dispute and much deliberation whether or not a church should replace its pews with chairs, or its chairs with pews. The question goes both ways. While both seating arrangements are equally popular, they have their own downsides and upsides. This article attempts to throw light on this aspect, and discuss some other things on the way.

First, if the church is a place where many events are staged frequently, then it is time to thinking of replacing pews with chairs. Pews are fixed to the ground, therefore are unmovable. Whenever there is an event to be hosted in the church – a wedding, for example – it is impossible to rearrange the seating to suit the guests’ needs. It is impossible to move the pews around to make more space for creating circulation. It becomes impossible to accommodate more pews in the given space. This is where chairs serve the purpose. Being comfortable to sit in, the parishioners are able to move them around at their own convenience and comfort. During event hosting, additional sitting room can be created for arriving guests. Rearranging is possible to suit the needs of the event. If your church is going to be busy holding events often, it is time to look for church chairs for sale.

If your church is a place with many ornately carved artworks and other ancient pieces of art, then church chairs are bound to look out of place. This is the kind of church where pews work best, and equally ornately designed ones at that. Church pews that speak of the glorious history through the carvings in them are best suited for traditional churches. Chairs will fail to do justice to the interiors of such a church. Chairs can be carved too, but it will look too scattered, and get thrown around a lot to carry any continuity in their carvings. If budgeting is proving to be difficult, old church pews for sale, that are used, can be considered for purchase. They will be well within budget and still be able to make the church beautiful.

Using chairs in place of pews creates one additional chore for each night. When the worshippers leave the premises, they will have made a mess of the chairs and their arrangement. They will have to be rearranged every night for the visitors tomorrow. This additional chore will require efforts every single night. With pews, this is not even a problem, as they are fixed to the ground. Pews also allow for a fixed aisle width, which may get frequently varied in case chairs are used.

Church furniture needs to be comfortable. This is a point where chairs and pews both emerge as winners. Padded or non-padded, both are comfortable to sit on. Some pews may not provide the comfort level that a chair can. It depends on the preference of the church whether to get pews or chairs installed in the halls.

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