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June 3, 2022

The mission of Hathaway Elementary School community is to provide a safe and caring environment in which every child develops character, self-confidence, responsibility, compassion, positive values and a true love of learning AND receives a strong academic foundation through diverse and challenging instruction in order to meet or exceed grade level expectations.
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Week of the Young Child - June 6th - June 10th

Kindergarten Celebrates Week of the Young Child

June 6 -10

Music Monday

* We’ll make instruments, play instruments, and dance and sing! Please send in paper towel tubes, paper plates, empty plastic bottles, or ribbon if you are able to.

Tasty Tuesday

*We’ll have a fun picnic snack outside!

Work Together Wednesday

*We’ll be outside with all of our kindergarten friends having fun with a bounce house, blowing bubbles, drawing with chalk, hula hooping, etc.

Thankful Thursday

*Parade around Hathway in celebration of our kindergarten students. Parade will begin at 2:00. Parents are welcome to line the streets to cheer us on. Please do not gather on the Hathaway property as that is where our 1-4 students will be gathering to cheer their K friends on. Children may bring instruments from home if they wish.

Friendship Friday

*Fun with our K friends!

* This will be our rain date for the parade.

Abound Parenting Newsletter (Kindergarten)

Abound Parenting- Hathaway News

Connect with your child through rich conversations, and build the kinds of skills kids need to read well.

This week’s academic vocabulary word is INVOLVE.

Here are 3 ways to give your child extra opportunities to hear and use the word INVOLVE:

- If I make cookies today, would you want to be INVOLVED, or would you rather just eat them after I make them??

- If you had a whole afternoon to wait before going somewhere special, and you wanted to get INVOLVED in something to make the time go by, would you get INVOLVED in a big puzzle, or would you rather get INVOLVED in a big board game?

- Do you like board games that are really INVOLVED with lots of pieces and rules, or do you prefer simple games?

Remind your child that the word INVOLVE means to be part of something, or to give something or someone all your attention. INVOLVE can also mean something very complicated.

How else can you build your child’s reading skills through TALK?

Try these questions taken from different TalkOn age groups this week:

- I love to play with my friend, and I never want our games to _____. Can we think of a word that rhymes with friend to finish this sentence? (end) What if games never ended??

- For hundreds of years, people have given rattles to babies to play with. Why do you think babies like rattles?

- Dogs and cats have toys they play with. Do you think animals in the woods have toys? Why do you think so?

- Do you ever feel bad for the dolls or stuffed animals you don't play with very often? Why?

If you haven’t yet signed up, go to https:// partners.aboundparenting.com/ Use the code given to you by your Hathaway teacher or staff member, & follow instructions to download the app.

Chromebook Information Grades K-3

Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in Grades K-3,

Thank you for a successful year in the 1:1 Chromebook initiative. Students in grades K-3 will be keeping their Chromebooks over the summer. Students will be able to use the Chromebooks to complete online math assignments or access our digital library of ebooks and audiobooks. If you do not want your child to use his/her/their Chromebook over the summer, we ask that you store or lock up the Chromebook until the next school year.

Our Portsmouth School District administration will not be monitoring students’ Chromebook activity over the summer. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents and guardians to monitor their children’s Chromebooks during this time. If you are not comfortable monitoring your child, do not allow your child to use his/her/their Chromebook over the summer.

If your child is not returning to Hathaway in the fall, please return your child’s district Chromebook and charger to the main office prior to the last day of school.

Thank you again for making this a successful educational initiative.

Chromebook Information Grade 4

Dear Grade 4 Parents and Guardians,

We will be collecting 4th grade Chromebooks for summer break during the school day on Thursday, June 16th. Each student will need to turn in a Chromebook and a charger to avoid being charged for missing equipment.

If your child will not be in school on Thursday, June 16th, the Chromebook should be returned on the last day that your child will be in school.

Each student will receive a new Chromebook and charger upon entering Portsmouth Middle School in the fall of 2022. There will be more information forthcoming about Portsmouth Middle School’s Chromebook Orientation Night.

Thank you so much for your time and cooperation.

Hathaway Habitat

Hello Wonderful Hathaway Community,

We have had a dedicated group of parents meeting over the last several months and have designed an incredible garden space that our students will enjoy. Garden beds filled with plants that students can engage their senses in, a taco/pizza garden for the kids to learn where their food comes from, and flower beds to highlight the importance of pollinator gardens. We hope that you can help us over the summer by selecting one week to adopt this garden space. It would require a minimum of 3 visits but you can come every day to weed and water. Directions will be sent to you after you sign up through SIGNUP GENIUS.

As always, thank you for making our school, Happy Hathaway.

From the School Nurse

COVID-19 Boosters for 5-11 Year Olds!

On Thursday, May 19th, the CDC endorsed the expansion of eligibility for COVID-19 vaccine booster doses to include children ages 5-11. As your child’s school nurse, I urge you to consider booster doses or the primary vaccine series for your child if you have not already done so.

The CDC director stated “Children 5 through 11 should receive a booster dose at least 5 months after their primary series. Vaccination with a primary series among this age group has lagged behind other age groups leaving them vulnerable to serious illness. With over 18 million doses administered in this age group, we know that these vaccines are safe, and we must continue to increase the number of children who are protected. I encourage parents to keep their children up to date with CDC’s COVID-19 vaccine recommendations.”

10 REASONS Why It’s Important for Kids Age 5 through 11 to Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19

If you are science-minded and want to understand more about why your child should be vaccinated or boosted or are wondering if they still need to do so after having had COVID-19 themselves, I encourage you to read this.

To find a vaccine clinic near you, click here. Make sure to click on the Pfizer 5-11 year link to pre-register.

Resources for parents for talking about hard things with children

As a parent myself and a former pediatric mental health nurse, I wanted to share some resources with our families with some tips or guidance for talking with your children about the tragic events that took place on Tuesday in Uvalde, TX. Gun-related deaths became the leading cause of death among children and adolescents in the US in 2020. I hope our lawmakers can work together to address this as the public health emergency that it is.

Talking to Students when Violence Happens from the Center for Resilience and Well-Being in School

Talking to Children about the Shooting from the National Child Traumatic Stress Network

How to Talk to Children about Difficult News by the American Psychological Association

Talking with Children about Tragedies & Other News Events from the American Academy of Pediatrics

For those of you on social media, some accounts that may be helpful for educating yourself on this topic (and others!) include:

Dr. Becky Kennedy on Instagram @drbeckyatgoodinside or Facebook.com/drbeckyatgoodinside

Dr. Aliza Pressman on Instagram @raisinggoodhumanspodcast or Facebook.com/raisinggoodhumanspodcast

Health and Safety Updates

Vaccination Rates

For information about Pre K-12 School Cases and Vaccination rates please visit this site.

Case Numbers (SY 2021-2022)

3/25 - 183

4/1 - 188

4/8 - 194

4/14 - 197

4/29 - 200

5/6 - 204

5/13 - 214

5/20 - 223

5/27 - 232

6/3 - 242


HPTA Meeting

Our next HPTA meeting will be Wednesday, June 8th at 6:30pm in the library. Check out the minutes from our April meeting and our upcoming agenda. Please join us as we finish planning this year's events, approve a board for next year, and start some early brainstorming for events that will happen during the next school year. WE ARE DESPERATELY HOPING FOR MORE INVOLVEMENT IN OUR HPTA MEETINGS!!

Volunteer Opportunities

All volunteers must be VIS approved for volunteering in the school, field days and any field trips.

  1. First Grade Instrument Design Volunteers from 1:45-2:45pm in the Cafeteria on the following dates. Sign up by emailing Hathawayvis@gmail.com.

Mrs. Raposo: June 6 (need 1 volunteers)

  1. 4th Grade Field Day/Picnic Volunteer Sign up for Thursday, June 16th!

Becoming a Volunteer in School

Visit the district volunteer page for information if you would like to become VIS approved to volunteer in school. At this point background checks will likely not be back in time for upcoming events. If anyone needs a BCI quickly they can go directly to the Attorney General's office in Cranston and send a copy of the background check to hathawayvis@gmail.com. Here is the information. They are good for 1 year!

  1. Google Form to register. It will put your name on Hathaway’s Volunteer Master List, alerting the VIS Coordinator that you plan to become a volunteer.

  2. VIS Authorization Form: A background check must be completed annually, by law in Rhode Island. You must fill out the authorization form for the background check and have it notarized. It also needs to include a copy of the front and back of your driver’s license, and a $5 check made out to ‘BCI.’ This form can be turned in at the school’s main office or at the school department building.

HPTA Board



A Letter From the HPTA

Dear Hathaway Families,

We hope the end of the school year is seeing you well and you are excited for a fun summer ahead! Though it may seem a bit early, the HPTA has been busy preparing for next year's events. The earlier we plan, the better these events will be for all. That being said, it is imperative that we have a better showing of family volunteers to help run these events. Each HPTA Board member has agreed to coordinate an event but will need help in doing so. This does not mean countless hours of your time. What it does mean is a chance for you to visit your child’s school, to meet staff members and to have fun working with all the great Hathaway students, which is a very fulfilling experience. We do not want these events to be intimidating to families and deter people from volunteering. We feel as a group that better explanations of the events will ease minds which will hopefully lead to more volunteer involvement. Listed below are the many events the HPTA run with a detailed description of each. Our next HPTA meeting is June 8th at 6:30pm and we would love to see a better showing. It is a chance for families to meet the board, get a better understanding of the work put in, and speak your voice. The HPTA CANNOT run these events without more help from families.

Summer Movie Night (tentative week of August 23): Movie to be shown outside on school grounds. Volunteers would need to identify a sponsor if needed, help with set up and break down.

Teacher / Staff Welcome Back Breakfast (September 8th ): Volunteers needed with breakfast ideas and prep, setup and cleanup.

Ice Cream Social / Open House (September 8th): A chance for families to enjoy some ice cream while meeting their new teacher for the year. Volunteers would be needed to get the ice cream, set up, serve ice cream, and clean up.

Escobar’s Corn Maze (September 30th or October 14th): Families have fun finding their way from start to finish in the corn maze. Snacks available for purchase from the farm along with wagon rides. A fun time for all! Volunteers needed to make a flyer and get it out to families – all printing can be done at the school. Also needed are a couple people to collect cash during the event.

Fun Walk (during the week of October 17th or 24th): This is one of the biggest fundraising events put on by the HPTA. Funds are raised via donations from family and friends. Students all receive a t-shirt free of charge to the student. As a school, students and staff walk around the block to promote healthy living. An aerial photo is usually taken at the end of the walk of the entire school. Volunteers are needed to find sponsors to cover the cost of the tee shirts (sponsor names will be listed on the back), along with getting flyers and emails out to families asking for donations.

Scholastic Book Fair (November 7th-11th): Students can choose from an array of books which can be purchased at a discounted price. Volunteers needed to coordinate with Scholastics rep, set up their inventory, assisting students when choosing a book, collecting funds, getting flyers / emails out.

Hullabaloo (December 3rd): This is one of the student’s favorite events of the year. It is a chance for them to do their holiday shopping, while being escorted by an expert elf assistant. Gifts are wrapped on site so no surprises are given away! If interested, students can visit with Santa, have some hot chocolate and listen to an array of holiday music. Volunteers will be needed to coordinate with the gift shop, help with organizing set/clean up and running the event.

Providence Bruins Night (January): A night out to see the Providence Bruins play. Tickets are at a discounted rate and a portion of the proceeds are returned to Hathaway. Volunteers needed to contact P-Bruins and get flyers/emails out informing of the event. This is a very easy task for one volunteer as the P-Bruins make the flyer for us and all tickets are purchased on the website!

Book Swap (January or February): The Hathaway students LOVE the book swap. Books are donated by students and then organized per grade to be chosen by another classmate. Volunteers needed to inform families via flyer / email, collect books, organize books, set up, run, and clean up event.

Springabaloo (March or April): This is another major fundraiser the HPTA hosts. A chance for parents to enjoy a night out. A silent / live auction is held at the Glen Manor House. Appetizers and beverages are served free of charge. Numerous items are available for bidding on. A fun night for all! Volunteers needed to find donated items, decorations, flyers / emails, organization of items donated, finding an auctioneer, setting up, working event, and cleaning up.

Staff Appreciation Week (May 8th – 12th): This is a chance for the Hathaway community to show our teachers and staff how much we appreciate them. Throughout the week the staff is showered with different treats. Treats in the past have consisted of snacks, small gifts, letters from students, students dress like their teacher, coffee and muffins, and a staff luncheon. This is all made possible by the generous donation from families. Volunteers will be needed to notify families (flyers/emails), coordinating the weeks schedule, purchasing items, delivering items, and organizing the luncheon.

Outdoor Movie Night (Spring): Same event as the one held in August.

Field Day (end of the year): This may be the student’s favorite day of the year where they enjoy an array of outdoor activities including a bouncy house, obstacle courses and numerous races. At the end of the day students enjoy a refreshing treat. Volunteers are needed to help organize the event, coordinate with inflatables, set up, work, and clean up the event. This day is a lot of fun… all smiles!

4th Grade Celebration (end of the year): This event is very similar to Field Day but just for the 4th graders. In past years the two events have been combined which we are thinking of doing again. The 4th graders get to run a lot of the events, which they have always loved. That being said, they still get to take part in their own fun. We will incorporate something special that will just be for the 4th Graders – possibly their own movie night – still to be determined, but we could use input! Volunteers will be needed to organize, set up, run, and clean up event.

As you can see, there is a lot that the HPTA organizes for our community. We hope this explains the different events a bit better and shows the importance of the need for volunteers. We need more Hathaway family members to volunteer and attend HPTA meetings! Without volunteers, there is a chance we will cut down on events. All events are discussed at our meetings. The meetings generally last 1-1.5 hours and are very laid back. Please join us June 8th. Our next meeting we will introduce the 2022/2023 Board and discuss the events being held. We hope to see you there!

As always, if there are any questions, feel free to email us. We thank you for your continued support!

HPTA Board



Nut Free Facility

Please note that at this time we are still a nut free facility. No products containing nuts are allowed as snack or in lunches. This includes peanut butter, nut butters, including Nutella, desserts in lunchables (peanut butter cups), and the like.

Thank you for your support in keeping all of our students safe in our Hathaway community.

Interested in Serving on A Committee?

During the summer and throughout the school year our school needs parent voice on committees. If you would like to be part of a committee, then please complete this form.

***If we have a high number of volunteers for a committee, then we will randomly select parent representation.
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Pre K Registration

The Portsmouth School Department is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 Integrated Preschool Program at Melville School, afternoon availability only. For information, visit the Preschool/ Early Childhood webpage at https://www.portsmouthschoolsri.org/page/preschool-early-childhood or contact Lauren Buress (buressl@portsmouthschoolsri.org).

Securly Home

Securly Home is an app that allows parents to monitor their child’s Chromebook activity at home and add rules for home use. Please take some time to review the slideshow and recording of the parent meeting that took place on 9/16.

We encourage you to sign up now for Securly Home!

Google Slideshow


Hathaway Notification Form

Absent today? Going to be absent in the future? Early pick up? Need to communicate a change in pick up in the main office?

Please complete the Hathaway Notification Form.

Thank you in advance for helping us to keep things organized and safe in our Hathaway community.

Accessing Aspen

If you are having issues accessing Aspen, you will have to email familyportal@portsmouthschoolsri.org with your child's name, date of birth, grade level, and your name. The system administrators will be able to restore access to your account and make sure that you can login.

Where Can I Find Past Parent Newsletters?

All of the past Hathaway Happenings can be found on our webpage.

Important Dates

Important Dates


June 6th - Bill Harley Presentation, 9:15

June 6th - June 10th - Week of the Young Child

June 7th - Grade 3 Aquidneck Island Tour Field Trip (3AT/HA)

June 8th - Grade 2 Field Trip, Buttonwood Zoo

June 8th - Grade 4 State House Field Trip (G/H)

June 8th - Grade 3 Aquidneck Island Tour Field Trip (3C/3H)

June 8th - HPTA Meeting, 6:30 PM, Library

June 9th - Grade 4 Fort Adams Field Trip

June 9th - Bill Harley Presentation (Rain Date), 915

June 10th - Community Meeting, 9:30 AM

June 14th - Grade 4 State House Field Trip (TH/P)

June 17th - Rain Date Grade 4 Field Day

June 17th - Report Cards visible in Aspen

Howard Hathaway Elementary School

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