End of the Year News

What's Happening the Last Week of School?

Our last week of school holds many fun and exciting events for our students.

  • Tuesday, June 4th. 2:30-3:15--4R and 4Sp Writing Celebration in classrooms. Please join us to hear some high quality writing!
  • Wednesday, June 5th. 9:30 am--School Recognition Assembly in gymnasium
  • Thursday, June 6th. Last Day for Students & Field Day--Wear your Tie Dyed T-Shirts!

Language Arts

What's Happening in Reading & Writing?

We have been working hard to research topics of our choice. Each student picked a research topic to study, gathered materials, and wrote their own feature article. We studied other feature articles from our National Geographic periodical and learned about nonfiction conventions. Students then summarized the information they found, categorized it, and put it into a well-written nonfiction article! We look forward to sharing our articles at the writing celebration next week.

In Reading, we've been practicing summarizing nonfiction passages. Students have learned a post-it note strategy for monitoring their comprehension. We read short sections of reading and then paused to think about what the main idea was. We have also been working on building stamina for silent reading. Students have been reading independent books of their choice. We want to get students into a good reading habit for summer break!


What's Happening in Math?

This month, we've been sharpening our logic and reasoning skills! Students worked on solving different number and shape pattern puzzles, and then applied those skills to rate tables.

Students have been solving problems that include the rate at which things move, the unit cost of items, and "which is the better buy" problems. These are great, practical applications of the math that we have been studying all year long.

Students have made great progress on the mastery of facts this year! Please make sure to continue to work on maintaining fact fluency over the summer! Feel free to check out some of the websites listed below.


What's Happening in Science?

Our scientists have traveled back in time to learn all about fossils and how they were formed! We began our unit of study with a field trip to Green Acres where we learned all about the geologic timeline of our Earth, we learned how fossils are made, and then examined real fossils in our world. We finished up with a Science Court activity where students used their knowledge of fossils to solve a mystery.

Thanks for a Great Year

It has been our pleasure to have worked with you and your children this year. We have enjoyed getting to know each child, and though we will miss them when they are 5th graders, we know the'll be successful as they move on!

Have a wonderful, restful, fun-filled summer break!