Touch Base Follow Up

2018 Feedback: Ready for Next Year

Logistical Breakdown of TouchBase 2018

Thank you for submitting your answers to the survey. There were quite a few comments from the survey that I would like to discuss and provide feedback.

1. Schedules: Some parents came prepared others did not. I'm not sure how many parents visited the main office. Will need to further investigate how busy the office was and if we need to look at a different way to produce schedules.

2. Date of the Touchbase--

  • Can touchbase take place around interim time? There isn't a teacher workday that works with interim processing. Although, it would give students an opportunity to raise their grades if needed, the norm is to have Touchbase around Quarter 1.
  • Can we not have touchbase at all ? Nope, as of right now, We are "gently" mandated to produce at least one conference per year.
  • Can we know in advance which are coming? We implemented an RSVP document for families. Approximately 90 parents sent in their RSVP. I don't think we can have a finalized list, because some families don't ever RSVP. Although it would be helpful to have parents' names in advance, I think flexibility towards this issue will help you in the long run.
  • Can we do touchbase in the afternoon? Perhaps. We can try something completely different next year. It's worth a conversation with admin. to establish some pros/cons to this scenario.
  • Can we have it on Tuesday instead?: Based on the amount of traffic we get on voting days, this will probably not work. However, if our school foregoes being a voting site, then perhaps we can revisit this question.

3. What else do we need?

  • We need someone to take pictures next year!

4. Translators:

I would love to have more in the building, but we can only do so much with the very small bilingual staff that we have.

5. How can we get more parents to come in?

2017 data shows that we had 489 "parent interactions" who came to TouchBase. In comparison, our 2018 data shows we had 1062 "parent interactions". When we look at this data, keep in mind that a parent could've seen all 4 teachers, so that's why I'm calling "parent interactions". Regardless, that's a huge number compared to last year.

6. Student Volunteers for next year? YES, YES AND YES!! NJHS and Cheerleaders here we come!

7. Did teachers know whose room would be used for the tables and chairs?

ABSOLUTELY. I sent out emails and we even put labels on the furniture in hopes that it would come back to the same room. We found a problem w/ the labels--they wouldn't all stay on the furniture. But teachers were emailed ahead of time.

8. Overall protocol implementations for 2019:

  • Special sign when a Translator is needed
  • Labeling of chairs and tables: Better labels for next year
  • Student Volunteers: NJHS and Cheerleaders
  • Printing of schedules: Need a report that prints 3 to a page. We will need staff that doesn't have core classes to be in charge of giving out the schedules when parents need them. Location has to be in a different part of the building so that they don't all come to the main office.
  • Furniture: Desks and chairs to be moved closer to the middle to provide parents more space.
  • Advertising: Advertising 2 weeks in advance next time, although we inundated them with a lot of information 1 1/2 week in advance. Perhaps sharing this information in the summer w/ the families will motivate more to come.
  • Special Invites: At Interim time, teachers need to send out SPECIAL INVITATIONS of our Touchbase date, so those families that really need to be here, will get more of a detailed invite.

Teacher Feedback 2018

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Did I forget anything??