Mr. Floor's 3rd Grade News

Week of 5/2

What's Happening This Week!

Important Dates to Remember!

  • 5/2-5/6- Buy One Get One Book Fair
  • 5/4- Class Sign Up To Go To Book Fair
  • 5/6- Science Olympiad STEAM Day
  • 5/6- Know Multiplication Facts By

From The Teacher

The Buy One Get One Free Book Fair is going on this week. Our class has a reserved slot on Wednesday, 5/4 to go to the book fair. Only students that bring money will be allowed to go to the book fair at our designated time. If you would like to take your student to the book fair, the best time for this is during our lunch when no instructional time is interrupted.

Please continue to practice multiplication facts with your students at home. Remember, a 3rd grader should know all facts up to the 9's with fidelity/ automaticity (3 seconds or less) by the end of 3rd grade. We write a multiplication rap the last few weeks of school to celebrate learning all our facts. Students must pass up to their 9's by May 6th to participate.