Schultz's Superstars

Room 205


We started this week with the letters Pp & Ii. The students came up with A LOT of words that start with P and a few that start with I- easily Ice cream :) We read a story about the biggest apple and tasted some apples ourselves. The children were able to try a red, a yellow, and a green apple. They described how each tasted and decided which was their favorite.

The students made their own jack-o-lanterns by choosing different facial features. We discussed how we all have 2 eyes, a nose, and a mouth, but how are we different from jack-o-lanterns.

We are continuing to learn about the letters in our names.

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Dates to Remember

10/4- PATT with Mrs Barker 10 am @ Head Start

10/5- "How to get a loan" 10-11@ Federal Programs Building

10/6- Field Trip to Cottage Farms arriving at 8:30


10/10- NO SCHOOL