Mamie Elizabeth Till-Mobley

By: KG Beck

Mamie's Timeline

1921- Mamie was Born

1924- Mamie and her family moved to Argo Illinois

1940- Mamie graduates from Argo high school and marries Louis Till

1941- Louis Emmett Till is born to Mamie Carthan and Louis Till

1942- Mamie and Louis Till separate

1943- Louis Till is drafted by the army to fight in world war II

1945- Mamie learns about her ex husband, Louis Till died

1948- Dixiecrats form

1954- Schools were segregated thanks to Brown vs Board of education

1955- Emmett Till was murdered

1956- Look magazine publishes an article called "The Shocking Story of approved killing in Mississippi" written by an Alabama journalist by the name of William Bradford Huie. He offered J.W Milam and Roy Bryant 4,000 dollars to tell how they killed Emmett Till. Milam speaks for the record.

1957- William Bradford writes another article for Look magazine named "What's happened to Emmett Till's killers?' Huie writes that Milam doesn't regret killing Emmett Till but it has caused him trouble. Blacks stop frequenting stores owned by Milam and Bryant families causing them to run out of business, Milam has to weld to make income an the white community ostracizes Milam and Bryant.

1959- Three days before his scheduled trial, Mack Charles Park he was an African American truck driver that was accused of raping a white pregnant woman, he was being held in a county jail cell. A hooded mob took him from the cell beat him, took him to a bridge shot him an killed him weighed his body own with chains an threw him in to the river. Because of the Till case the FBI will investigate and identify 10 white men involved but the the Department of Justice sates there isn't any Federal grounds to make any arrest or press charges.

1980- J.W Milam dies in Mississippi of cancer

1990- Roy Bryant dies in Mississippi of cancer

2003- Mamie Till Mobley dies of heart failure in a Chicago hospital just two weeks before the premiere of The Murder of Emmett Till on PBS

Other events

1921- Sweden abolishes death penalty for all crimes

1924- New York has their first macys day parade

1940- Germany, Italy, and japan sign Tripartite treaty

1941- Germany's jews are no longer to emigrate

1942- Japan lands on Java

1943- Britain bombs Berlin in daylight for first time

1945- The soviet drive Germany troops out of Budapest

1948- Jews call upon The Untied Nations to restore order in Palestine

1954- Brown VS Board of education was passed

1955- Rosa parks was arrested for refusing to give up her seat

1956- France recognizes the independence of Morocco

1957- Chuck Berry is playing music that white teenagers listen to he rises to the top of the charts

1959- Alaska becomes the 49th state in the US

1980- Six US diplomats sneak out of Iran using passports given to them by Canada

1990- Iran invades Kuwait

2003- Bush is President

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Facts about Mamie till

  • Mamie till insisted on a open casket because she wanted the world to see what the white men did to Emmett.
  • The NAACP asked mamie to go around the country relating her son’s life, death and the trial of his murderers
  • This was the one of the most successful fundraising campaign the NAACP has ever known
  • Mamie died in 2003 due to heart failure
  • Her autobiography came out the same year she died
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"When people saw what happened to my son men stood up who never stood up before".

-Mamie Till