help you to connect and share with the people in your life

what is facebook?

is a social network where people can share photos with other people, make friends, talk and share with other people around the world,


Facebook was created by mark zuckerberg, was launched on february 4, 2004.

he started this proyect when he was studyng at harvard university, the idea was to create a site where all the universitaries can communicate with the other, but he was suspended because the principal said he was stealing information of the university and the next year he was out of the university to create thefacebook.

the brothers Winklevoss and Divya Narendra saw the abilities he had with technology and paid him to create a site to create a web online directory for the use of all the memebers of the fraternities in the university, but at the same time he was working in his proyect, and when it project came out Winklevoss and sivya demand him because thefacebook was so similar to the project they had, so they said he coped the idea.

Sean parker knew about the existence of thefacebook and worked with mark, changing the name to facebook. time later he was at jale bacuse of cocaina.

how are they changing lives/did change?

Facebook has changes lives, because changes the way of communication and permit people of all over the world interact with other people, share pictures and talk despite the distance. for free.

What is the future of these websites/technology.

i think that Facebook will became part of everyone live, and every single people will have a facebook acount, will be an opportunity to interact more, and will be a tool for other people.