Important Dates-August 22-August 26

Aug. 22

Happy First Day

Writing Leadership Team>3:10 AM

Aug. 23

Parent Night>5th grade 5:30-6:15 PM & 3rd grade 6:15-7:00 PM Art Room

Aug. 24

Parent Night>1st/PACES 5:30-6:15 PM & 2nd grade 6:15-7:15 PM

Aug. 25

Parent Night>4th grade 5:30-6:15 PM & 6th Grade 6:15-7:00 PM

Faculty Meeting>Writing Goal Team 3:10 PM

Aug. 29

Second Week of School!!

Sept. 1

Play It Safe-Presenters will come to your classroom-all day, all students

Faculty Meeting>SMILEE

Parent Night>Kindergarten 5:30-6:15 Art room & PreK 6:00-7:15 Music room

Sept. 5

Labor Day Holiday

Sept. 8

K-2 TEA Time

Sept. 12-16

Book Fair

Sept. 12

CLIC 3:45 PM

Sept. 13

1st year Teacher Academy

PTA Executive Board Meeting>3:30

Sept. 15

3-6 TEA Time

Faculty Meeting>RtI

Sept. 22

5th grade visits Amon Carter Museum>10:00-11:30 AM

PTA Back to School Dance>6:00-7:00 PM

No Faculty Meeting

Important Information

*REMEBER to greet every student every morning as they enter your room!

Let students greet each other every morning in a positive way.

Make sure your quiet signal is in place.

Don't forget to use your Talk-Moves strategy beginning today!!

Students must write daily in the MOOSE.

School begins at 7:50 AM

Use your Red Radical Roadrunner slips beginning today!

Our word this six weeks is RESPECT (don't forget to fill out your links)

*Teachers please go to the Art, Music or PE rooms to pick up your students.

*Please add the information in MOOSE

*No purses or other similar items to PE/Art/Music.

*All teachers must take and pick up their own students from the cafeteria at lunch time.

*Please do not allow students to go to the lounge unattended.

*Lesson Plan requirements>Due each Friday (Thursday If we have Friday off), turn in a hard copy to Rebecca. Monday AM for special education.

*Reminder: If you are going to be absent you must call 817-894-5954 after you have requested a sub. Please make your arrangements in the sub system prior to 6:40 AM.

Make sure you have contacted your team and your lesson plans are in place.

*Teachers must not be using personal cell phones during the school day. Cell phones should be locked up during the day, not on your person.

-*Make sure that you are entering your grades with-in three days of the assignment.

*You MUST take the attendance twice—one at 7;50 AM and one at the10:05 AM--This will begin after the warm body counts end.

*Please do not leave dishes, etc. in the sink in the lounge-we do not have maid service this year.

*Reminder>please be sure to check out in the office if you leave the building during the school day.

*Please keep Thursday afternoons open for Faculty Meetings.

*All students must go to the gym or cafeteria before 7:40 AM, including employee children.

*Goal of 97% for students and staff attendance.



Mallory S. 2nd

Rebecca C. 11th

Jennifer H. 22nd

Joy C. 25th

Cyndi M. 25th

Terri H. 28th


George C. 16th

Kenya J. 28th

Vision: Lead with character, honor and excellence.

Mission: Collaborate with our school community to empower students to reach their potential.


1. Do what’s right

2. Aim high

3. Respect others

4. Own it