By Michael and Aiden

What is a flood?

A flood is a lot of water covering what is normally dry land. These floods can rise fast or slow, depending on the weather and where a river is located far or close to a town or suburb.

Cars being washed out by floods

Where can floods happen?

Floods can happen against riverbanks when they overflow or when mountains have flowing down. Even though waterfalls rarely are the cause of floods, waterfalls still occur floods.

When are floods most likely to occur?

Floods occur when a lot of rain falls and fills riverbanks. This can take days or if lucky a week or two but floods WILL happen eventually, tall town or not, floods still cover most if not all towns.

How do floods happen?

Floods happen when water in rivers goes over the top and escapes. Though sandbags are placed on riverbanks to slow down floods from flooding towns but towns are still vulnerable from floods.

A flood occuring in a small village

Last, Find three interesting facts

1. In the last 10 years the U.S. had have 2.9 billion dollars wasted because of floods.

2. Flash floods can rise to 10 to 20 feet high in seconds.

3. In a flood, cars can be swept in the current from only 2 foot of water.

Geez, floods are dangerous, but can amaze some people.

(if not then annoy them.)

A man trying to retrieve his car

(-: Bye from Michael and Aiden :-)