U.S. Northeast Region

By: Gavin, Christian ,Jorden, Xian, Lyric

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The Northeast states

There are 11 states in the Northeast region, Pennsyivania,Newyork,Vetrmot,New Hanpshire,Maine,Massachusetts,Rhode Island,Connecticut,New Jersey,MaryLand and some of Washington.D.C..

Places to visit

I'd like to visit New York because it is big and I have never gone there before. There are eleven states in the Northeast region. Some of those states that I would like to visit are New York, Massachusettes, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island, and New Jersey.
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Landforms and water

Habor seals live in the coast waters of the northeast as far as south as New Jersy. About 20

million people visit niagare falls every year. There are 2 feet long eastern nallbenders are the largest water salamanders in the vnited states they live under rocks in rivers bottoms

snapping turtle can't hide there head in there shells they have a powerful bite or snap that

they use for protection .THE END

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Climte and products

climate,There are big snow stroms in the northeast. Half way to the northeast or between.Animal food suply chang in the season.Squirrels hibernate for 100 days.The northeast is long and cold.products,They grow crops.Like fruits and veggies.They have logging and cutting to build houses, fernicher and paper.The people make syrup from mapele trees.Fuel is made from trees in the northeast.THE END

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The Northeast has many trees and forests'.the Hersheys factory is located there.Also the Staue of Liberty New york.They eat lots of seafood such as clam chowder ,crab cakes , and lobster.The Northeast region is made out of mountains,wetlandsand lakes such as Lake Ontaria.There is a lot rivers there like the Susquhanna River , Conneticut River The Delaware River , The Hudson River .Those are a little more than a couple landmarks I hope you enjoyed.
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