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At PK8, we value Trustworthiness

In our school mottos "SOARING with PRIDE & HEART", SOARING stands for: Safety, Order, Achievement, Respect, Individuality, Neighborly, Growth. These are all incorporated into our school mission statement.

HEART & PRIDE are our school values.

The 'T' in HEART in our school motto stands for TRUSTWORTHINESS.

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Taydin Petitt and Elliot Hickham were student representatives for a possible grant for a Paonia Community Skate Park!

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Cinderella Rex Stories in 2nd Grade

PK8 Student Shines

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Tuesday is Rainbow Day. Find the brightest colors in your drawers or closet and put them on. You might start at the bottom and have a different color with each new piece of clothing, or you could just go all in and wear things that already have a whole bunch of colors in them.

Wednesday is Crazy Hat and Hair Day. Be creative. Don’t just wear any hat. Wear something that shows between your ears, you’re special.

By popular request, Thursday is Swap Day, where students can once again dress like teachers and teachers can again dress like students.

Friday is Red and Black “Eagle” Day. We may still share colors with the high school, but make no mistake, we are eagles, so let’s show our school pride.

School Board Meeting Information

During the School Board Meeting, we will be recognizing students who showed academic excellence on CMAS in 2021, and they will be recognized with a medal. We will communicate information to these families next week.

Additionally, we will have special recognition of our custodial staff, lunch crew, secretaries, and our school counselor! We greatly appreciate the incredible efforts and work of these teams in our school. We will recognize these staff members with a special gift.

Stinky Clothes

Reminder: Please pull have your child take out their wet snow clothes from their backpacks!

Family Academic Support Night

We would like to host a family academic support night.

Please let us know any component of school that you would like to receive more information/training on. Some of our ideas are a PowerSchool info session, homework strategies, literacy, IXL info session, etc. We would like to hear from you about what you would like. We would provide a light dinner and child care at the evening event!

Please submit your ideas/requests here: Family Academy Support Night Ideas/Requests

Getting an hour of IXL math practice completed each week is easy!


How time per week is calculated:

The time count starts on Saturday and runs through Friday morning. If students start on Saturday, it is only 10 minutes per day of work. If they wait until Monday to start, it is 15 minutes a day. If they’re not done by Friday morning, teachers work with them during our plan time to make sure they finish.

Breakfast & Lunch at School

Breakfast Menu

Lunch Menu

Free/Reduced Lunch Application (This information is confidential and not accessible by any PK8 school staff.)


Amelia Baldwin, Principal