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The Mid-West

Mid-West Geography & History

The Mid-West is located in the northern central area of the U.S. The states that are included are North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. Some major land features include the Great Plains, the Great Lakes, the Mississippi and the Missouri River. Canada also borders the Mid-West to the north. The Climate of the Mid-West is normally cooler, however it has been experiencing warmer temperatures making warmer weather more common. Snow has been arriving later in the fall, and melting sooner in the spring.

The Mid-West was apart of the Louisianna Purchase from the French. Marquette and Jolliet were sent to explore this new land with a crew of seven others. They explored the land looking at buffalo, catfish, and deer. Marquette and Jolliet were from the French decent. Indiana was the first state to become a state in 1816, while the last midwest state to become a state was South Dakota or North Dakota in 1889, which were admitted on the same day.

Natural resources in the MidWest include metals such as copper and iron, but the other natural resources include beats, wheat, and sorghum. The Mid-West is home to many major companies of the U.S. including General Motors, Ford Motor, and even Kroger. The Mid-West exports many agriculture products such as wheat, and metals such as copper. They import luxury items, such as chocolates, and foreign furniture. The unemployment rate of the Mid-West is 6.5%, so many people are working. They have roads, and interstates throughout their area. Some tourism attractions of the Mid-West include Mt.Rushmore, The Great lakes, and many huge cities including Chicago, Cleveland, St.Louis, and Detroit. The Green Bay Packers football team also play in Wisconsin. The population of the Mid-West is over 65 million. The Mid-West is mostly made up of European and american immigrants coming from the east in hopes of getting free land, and a better life than what they had.