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Thank you for making the decision to work with us

Getting Started...

Chatta is designed to:

  • Make an Immediate Impact on children’s speech and language development
  • Ensure Effective Practitioners to give children the best possible start
  • Develop and build on Strong Partnerships with parents and carers

We will support your establishment fully in partnership to make sure chatta makes maximum impact.

First Steps

Chatta is a training resource and a teaching approach. All training and resources are online in the chatta practitioner's area. This can be found on the chatta website:


On the site there are a number of training videos and a guide to use to support staff as they learn how to work with chatta and use the chatta approach in their own way.

We suggest that your establishment selects a "chatta champion" (unless you're an individual who's purchasing chatta) who is able to explore the training and resources. This person can begin to plan how chatta will be used on a wider scale across the school or nursery.

Your establishment's login for the chatta practitioner's area is:

(Both case sensitive)

Username: Fenchurch

Password: FenchurchCh@tt@

The first resource to look at is the staff training guide which provides a full background on what chatta is and how to make the most of it.

Helping you to get started

We'd like to have a chat with your establishment's "chatta champion" to help them get started and to guide them in their next steps. Please email: hello@chatta.co.uk to arrange a suitable time for a telephone call.

In addition, we would like to offer your school or nursery a staff training session, at no additional cost, to be arranged at your convenience plus ongoing in-school support as required across the year.

We will give you a call in the next few weeks if we don't hear from you to help get things moving forward quickly.

The Chatta App

Your establishment can install and access the chatta app on an unlimited number of tablet devices, using the below log in details.

Download directions/details are available in the chatta practitioner's area of the website.

Upon first access to the app (the device will need to be connected to the internet for this first and only instance, logging in) the user details for the app, on all of the devices is:

Email Address: scattle@goodwintrust.org

Password: FenchurchCh@tt@ (case sensitive)

Full guidance on the use of the chatta app is featured within the "chatta training" element of the chatta practitioner's area.

And finally...

Thank you. For choosing to work with us.

If there are any problems accessing or navigating the site please email:

hello@chatta.co.uk or telephone: 0845 003 0896. We are available 9 - 4:30pm, Monday to Friday.


The Chatta Team