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Getting into Pointe Dancing

Pointe dancers usually have a few years of experience before even going up on pointe. As you can probally tell by the picture above the point of pointe shoes are for the dancers to be able to go up on their toes. Pointe can be very difficult and very dangers. You could go from falling or breaking your ankle. Now dancers usually start doing pointe around the age of 13 but it isn't mandatory. It is up to the dance instructer whether you are strong enough to go up on pointe or not. A pointe shoe is made out of wood but to help from not being so painfull dancers were gell pads on their toes. The gell pads are thicker around the toes so to not squish them when going up on the wooden box. Some pointe shoes even have a little cushion on the bottom of the shoe which will help a very little but most dancers will still us the gell pads. Pointe shoes, or toe shoes, were designed to help dancers appear weightless while dancing. It takes years of practice to be able to balance and dance on the ends of your toes, but pointe shoes make it a little easier.
How to Dance in Ballet Pointe Shoes : Ballet Techniques
The Nutcracker - Waltz of the Snowflakes


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